If you’re one of the unfortunate people who can’t afford a maid, cleaning is something you HAVE to do. It’s true that more men pitch in with this task nowadays, but some women are still left with most of this burden. In my household, I am primarily in charge of cleaning and I admit that if I was graded on my skills as a cleaning woman, I would not have graduated cleaning school. I hate cleaning and it’s probably the thing I procrastinate on more than anything else. Which is probably also the reason I always have decided to work on my procrastination in other areas first, such as in writing or blogging.

I find myself dreaming of a cleaning fairy or a maid that will work for peanuts….literally. I know I’m not alone in this, either. Many of my married friends, especially the ones with kids, are forever wishing for a maid to wash their clothes, dishes, floors,etc. I would like a do it all maid…..

It’s not that it’s as difficult as I make it, either. If I would simply just do a room a day or a little a day, it would be manageable. With my magnificent procrastinating skills, I always find other things to work on first and then the task becomes overwhelming and scary….especially when you have the piles of clothes in the corner that you just KNOW are harboring a snake. How the snake actually could have got in my house is irrelevant….it’s just the fact that the pile represents this feeling of mystery and fear. Eventually, it gets too much to bear and I have to start cleaning away at the mess and then of course, I end up physically exhausted. Why do I do this to myself?

I know what you’re probably thinking, especially those of you who are reading and have the same problem as me. Why would you ever out yourself for procrastinating on cleaning? Well…because I’m honest, maybe TOO honest, but hey, that’s me!

For now, I have found myself in need of doing laundry and other tasks around the house before I leave for a weekend of me and my mom visiting family in Austin. I’m leaving the husband behind at the house, which is just the 3rd time I have done so since we have been married. I know I’m going to miss him but even more so, I am worried about what the house will look like when I return. Leaving a 28 year old man home alone over the weekend can be a scary thought, believe me. I may return to an even bigger mess to clean up next week!


  1. My top tip – find something you want to do even less than cleaning and decide to do both. Then you will procrastinate the worse task by doing cleaning.

    How do I know? Because that’s where I am right now 😀 I am trying to work on my aversion to admin. The task is to do five minutes a day, every day. I have also decided to use the same approach with tidying up etc, to please husband. I have found after 2 weeks that I have done my five minutes and more on the cleaning / tidying task, but have not managed the (to me far more scary) admin tasks more than half the days.

    I have found the five minutes a day quite effective. It is doable and not too scary or tiring. If I manage my five minutes, I get to tick a box 🙂 If I do more than five minutes, I get to either put the extra ticks in previous days boxes I missed to make it look better, or in that day’s box (no working ahead though as the idea is to try and do some every day). So as long as I do five minutes, I get to feel good and not beat myself up. If I do more then I get a warm rosy glow. And if I miss a day then I know I can catch up, or if it was because of genuinely being too busy or ill, I won’t beat myself up. I might do a blog post about it. (Although I may put that off a little…)

    Good luck with it! 😀


    1. Good idea there….now to find something I hate worse than cleaning….I guess….walking around in the 100+ plus degree weather could count LOL 🙂
      Good luck with your procrastination as well!


  2. I’m lucky enough to have someone clean our house every other week. I still have to keep up in between but I really can’t sacrifice more of my work time or time with my kids to clean (I did all the cleaning before I had kids). And with my chronic back pain, this is one way to avoid recurring injuries, so it’s a lifesaver in more than one day. I hate cleaning too so my tolerance level has gone up over the years. Fortunately my kids are getting old enough to help me, and sometimes (like today) they initiate the tidy-up moment and I love it!


    1. That’s nice to have if you are able to and with your back problems, it comes in extra handy! Also good to teach your boys how to clean, that will come in handy as they get older. 🙂


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