In the midst of that evil creature called Writer’s Block, I perused many random topic generators online and finally found an idea I felt like I could use today.

In no particular order, here is a list of Old Movies that I, personally, love and I think ROCK!

1.) Labryinth(1986)-I watched this movie over and over as a child and I still absolutely adore it. Maybe others might find it a little cheesy or be afraid of David Bowie’s dancing in it, but it’s one of my all time favorite movies. I still remember the infamous line I loved so much…”Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child that you have stolen. For my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great. You have no power over me.”

2.)The Goonies(1985)-If you’ve over the age of 25 and have never seen this movie, then where were you at? Seriously? Who didn’t love The Goonies? I admit to being kind of scared of One Eyed Willy at first but after awhile, I learned to love him just like the characters in the movie. “Hey, you guys!”  (A fun piece of trivia about this movie was that the Pirate ship in this movie was entirely real and the shots were actually shot in the ship. After the film, the ship was offered to anyone who wanted it, but there were no takers so the ship was scrapped. Would YOU have taken it?

3)Arsenic and Old Lace(1944)-If  you’re older, I can forgive you for never having seen this but seek it out and watch it! The Turner Classic Movies(TCM) Channel plays it every once in awhile and Netflix probably has it available. It IS in black and white, which admittedly, is not everyone’s cup of tea, but this movie is SO hilarious. I watched it after I did this play in college and just loved it!

4)Seems like Old Times(1980)-Also based on a play, this comedy stars Goldie Hawn as the ex of Chevy Chase’s character, who is trying to hide him out when he is wrongfully accused of being a fugitive. Unfortunately, she is remarried to a prosecutor and she is a public defender, so it gets pretty interesting….and hilarious!

5)National Lampoon’s Vacation(1983)-The first of a series of vacations that included European, Christmas AND Vegas trips ALL starring Chevy Chase and they are ALL incredibly funny from start to finish

6)The Exorcist(1973)-Why, you ask? Because I am a HUGE fan of horror movies and this movie is pretty scary! One of my fav. scary movies of all time

7)Sound of Music(1965)-I know this is almost comedic coming after The Exorcist, but I do have a wide range of movie tastes, I suppose. This movie is just a great musical…I loved it for the songs and dances as a kid and then as I grew, I actually understand the premise of the movie and liked it even more.

8)Rear Window(1954)-I actually watched this for the first time a couple of months ago…another black and white movie that is oh, so good! With all the fancy special effects and everything movies TODAY have to offer, it takes a lot to really keep my attention…this movie did. (Revision on this: It was actually in technicolor, but the color is still nothing like today’s films!)

9)Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?(1962)-Bette Davis and Joan Crawford as sisters, one an old child star who never made it big, the other never made it as a child star but made it later in life and became a movie queen. A tragic accident forces the movie queen into retirement and Jane is left to watch over her…..This is a chilling tale of jealousy and what it can do to a person.

10)The Wizard of Oz(1939)-Believe it or not, I have met adults who have never seen this film….If YOU are one of them, go see it as soon as possible!

11)Jaws(1975)-In honor of Shark Week just ending, I am adding Jaws to this list. It was written on the basis of the Rogue Shark Theory that was circulating at the time, but due to the response this movie had on people, it led to more people wanting to learn about sharks and marine animals and find out what really lead sharks to attack.

12)Howard the Duck(1986)-Who doesn’t love a talking duck? Seriously? Am I the ONLY fan of this movie?

13)Mannequin(1987)-By now, you have probably already decided I have a strange taste in movies and that’s fine if you feel that way…..I promise you this is a great movie, though…if I DO say so myself. 😉

14)The Princess Bride(1987)-A Classic fairy tale….Ahhh 🙂

15)Airplane!(1980)-Ever wanted to know what happens when a plane crew all becomes ill and the only one left is an ex-pilot afraid to fly? This movie answers that question and makes you laugh along the way…..Surely you will love it…just don’t call the pilot Shirley 😉

And for now, this is where I will end this post. There are many, many more old movies that rock but this is just some of the ones I love the most. What Old movies do you think are the best? Do you agree with the ones I picked or disagree? I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Really old movies I like: all the Hitchcock movies (rear window, Psycho, etc), Some Like It Hot (hilarious!). Some of your movies are not that old (from the 1980s) and I can’t believe you didn’t list the first 3 Star Wars movies! They were and always will be the best. There are so many great movies out there, and not enough time to watch them all.


    1. I know they are not that old…..but Turner Classic Movies has started playing movies from the 70’s and 80’s now…..and this makes me feel OLD! LOL…..I’m always saying, that’s not classic yet! Same with the radio…they call 80’s movies CLASSICS now…..crazy!
      I’ve never been a big Star Wars fan but they are definitely big hits for many people!….I’ve never seen Some like it hot….that’s with Marilyn Monroe, right?


      1. Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon. Absolutely hilarious! I’m sure you’ve seen some scenes before but watch the whole movie, it’s very entertaining. And the hotel and beach scenes were shot at the Del (Coronado Hotel) in San Diego, so when you go to the hotel you can see photos of the movie shoots. Very, very cool.


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