She has “ice water in her veins”. This was the one thing everyone seemed to agree on. If you looked her way for too long, you would be sure to turn into ice yourself. Her stare was menacing and cruel yet I felt sympathy towards her. What had made her this way? What had turned a warm blooded woman into someone so cold and unforgiving? I wanted to speak with her, look past her exterior and be the one to save her from herself.

She wasn’t willing to let me in, though. Her guard was up and there was no way around it. I told myself I wouldn’t give up on her. There had to be a reason for her demeanor and I would do whatever it took to somehow melt the ice that flowed through her. Even if melting the ice might lead to uncovering a devastating past……

*This was taken from prompt #152 on a site my blog buddy Dayle introduced me to through her blog*


    1. Glad you like it….Not sure if I will continue or not. Maybe….
      I feel like if I did, I would have to write a pretty long story to do the opening justice…maybe even book length…I’ve never had the motivation to sit down and write that length, I’m hoping maybe I will be inspired to sometime.


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