Maybe my view of some of the themes is a bit unique and different from what others may come up with but I just wasn’t quite interested in taking photos of broken items I may find around me and posting them. Maybe this is a fault of mine that I don’t like taking photos of broken things…..Instead I decided to do things my own way. Hopefully others can appreciate my different take on the theme.

One aspect of the word Broken means “not functioning properly or being out of order”. Due to suffering from depression, my brain doesn’t function properly or in order so it fits this definition.

Medicine to fix a "broken" mind

Since I can’t do an X-ray of my own head and show a chemical imbalance or anything of that nature, I photographed medicine that I take to help fix the problem. This doesn’t completely fix it, in and of itself, though. It’s just a small fix for a bigger problem.

My next and last photo of this theme doesn’t necessarily fit the theme of Broken except in a humorous sense.

104 degrees past 6 at night....the temperature NOT counting heat index, yuck!

This photo was taken off my computer just a little while ago…..the sun is setting and it’s still over 100 degrees. I can’t say it’s unusual because I live in Texas and it’s normal for it to be HOT in August but sometimes you look at the temperature and think the thermometer must be broken….surely it couldn’t be that hot! Well, it is and nothing is broken. If your AC breaks in this weather, let’s hope you are able to get it fixed soon or find somewhere cool to stay though.

This has been my serious and not so serious take on the theme this week. Enjoy the rest of your Monday! 🙂


    1. Yea, we are supposed to have Excessive Heat this week…so looks like I will be staying inside as much as possible…Glad you’re done with your move and hope you feel better soon! 🙂


    1. Thanks!
      I used to hide my depression and be ashamed of it but now I don’t care….too many people have made it seem like a shameful thing when it’s actually really common nowadays. Why spend time being depressed about having to hide depression? No thanks! The people that matter most in my life know I suffer from it and they love me regardless and if someone new reads my blog and decides I am not good enough because of it, then it’s their loss. 🙂 I am who I am!


  1. The indirect approach is quite smart… hey, we all don’t have pictures of actual broken items that haven’t been tossed … So, yours works for Me! 🙂


  2. I hope you get a break from the heat soon. We’ve been hot here too these past few days but I hear it’s going to cool down a little. Sometimes I feel like I’m going from one air-conditioned place to another, avoiding outside at all costs!


    1. No break so far…I believe it’s getting up to about 107 today…other areas close to us have a chance of breaking their record and hitting 111…and the rest of the week is supposed to be the same with no rain. I’m just thankful I have a working air conditioner and can stay out of it!


  3. Wow 100 degrees right now, sounds brutal! I just got back from Santa Barbara and it was in the mid 80s there and it was still pretty hot. Back in the bay area it seems to be more in the 70s though. Hope the heat cools down soon!


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