Recently, a blog I frequent often was tagged in a prompt where you are to pick 7 posts that fit 7 different categories and post links to them and then tag others. This lovely lady over at Mirth and Motivation couldn’t pick just a few to send it to, so she simply told all her blog followers to feel free to join the prompt parade if they so desired. I jumped on board figuring this would be a fun task. Going back through 222 posts was interesting, overwhelming, and quite entertaining. My problem came about when I tried to fit all the posts I wanted to use into the 7 categories….I couldn’t seem to narrow it down enough! Darn indecisiveness….so therefore my 7 categories do not hold 7 posts….a few of them have more than one listed. I simply couldn’t choose, you see… are welcome to go back and look at any or ALL that you would like to. 😉

And also since I can’t even begin to narrow down my blogs that I follow to only 5 to tag….anyone who reads my blog is more than welcome to do this prompt as well!

1) Most Beautiful Post-I’m definitely not a very photo conscious blog so this was a HARD one for me to decide. I finally came up with a week from the weekly challenge where I had to find pictures that summed up the theme of ONE. The first picture I used for this theme is one of the most precious and beautiful to me, personally.

2)Most Popular Post-In going back through stats, I wasn’t very surprised to find that my most popular post(as far as viewers) seemed to be my post on the Teen Mom Controversy. Since that one isn’t my favorite of my POPULAR posts, I decided to add my post on being proud to be pale. This one was also popular and I think it was for a better reason.

3)Most Helpful Post-I am not quite sure whether any of my posts have been helpful to others or not, but I would hope some of them might be. One particular post I did regarding establishing deep roots with people that you can go to for support was very helpful for me. It was inspired by a book I am still reading daily for confidence and was titled, “Finding Roots through the Dew”.

4)Post Whose Success Surprised Me-I chose 2 very different posts for this one, both for different reasons. The first one surprised me because it was just me talking about my fears behind being more serious in writing and the struggles I was going through. I wrote it more to get my feelings out there and see if anyone else felt the way I did and I was really surprised that others could relate so much. The other post shocked me not because of the amount of views but because of the feedback from the ones who DID comment. I used less than 30 minutes to write a poem, completely on the spur of a moment, never expecting to get much of a response at all.

5) Most Controversial Post-None of my posts have caused me to get rude comments from people yet or anything of that nature so instead I looked toward posts that were of a more controversial topic. Because of my background as a Christian, I did a post months ago about why I did not go to church anymore called Sunday Hypocrisy. I felt like the post might receive negative feedback from others, both Christians and non Christians, but was pleasantly surprised that no one YET seemed to take it the wrong way.

6)Post that didn’t get the attention it deserved-Well….most of my posts from when I first started WordPress din’t get much attention at all and there are quite a few of them I could have chosen from. I narrowed it down to 2 that I felt were deserving of more….

The first one was posted right after I turned 26, which I am now a couple months shy of 28, so it was quite awhile back. In it, I spoke of the shock of passing the quarter century mark but then also the blessing that I was given to live that long. The second post I chose was also written within that same year and described the horrible price women sometimes pay to be beautiful.

7)Post I’m most proud of- I also chose 2 posts here, one that I am proud of because so many others found it to be a great piece-Remember Memorial Day. And the other post I picked, I wrote about a month into the 2011 Post a Day Challenge so it didn’t get too much attention. The topic was hard to talk about and I had never discussed it in a blog before so I was relieved to have finally spoken out about it in my blog. For those who might wonder why I am not big into drinking, this post will explain it all.

I am sorry that I wasn’t able to narrow it down much more, but I suffer greatly with making decisions!

In fact, I suffer so much, that in the process of picking posts, I found a few more that I wanted to share at the bottom of this. No pressure for anyone to HAVE to read them, but if you want, here they are! 🙂

1-A post about a fire and things happening for a reason

2-A post on feeling invisible, writing and the start of my blog

3-A post on changing perception



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