I seem to be gaining a bad habit of waiting until the last minute to do my post…..

Well, I already WAS a procrastinator, so I guess I’m not gaining it as much as letting it overcome me again. And maybe it’s not a daily thing with me….maybe it’s just once a week but I hate it when I find myself once again in the position of being low on time and even lower on what to write. You can rest assured that midnight will hit and I will suddenly be full of ideas that I will then write down and schedule for another day….but here I am with 14 minutes left to midnight and writing THIS boring post. Ugh, when they say habits die hard, they REALLY do.

I’m over halfway through the Daily Post 2011 Challenge and I still have days where my procrastinating self wants to conquer me. I thought it would have run away by this point but I guess it will always follow me. At least I can say I am winning the war even though I may be losing the battle. While procrastination still effects me greatly, I have been able to not miss ONE day of my challenge due to the stronger urge to get to the computer and post. There are days where my posts feel dumb to me and I wonder why I even bother but then there are the days when inspiration hits and I feel like I am doing what I should be after all. 🙂

I’m thankful I have people that read my blogs even when some posts are probably best thrown in the recycle bin rather than read. You guys are the best for putting up with my crazy self!


      1. To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure if you were suggesting that I should do one or that you should…LOL…..but now that I know you were telling ME to do one, I have to say, this would be a hard task for me because I don’t feel like I have conquered my own procrastination enough to pass on any tips to anyone else!


      2. Well, this would be a great learning experience for you! If you like to read so much, the best book on beating procrastination is Eat that frog by Brian Tracy. I’ve read several books on procrastination and this one is the best. You can get lots of great ideas from it to implement right away. The best way to avoid right your posts late at night (like you and I do)? Right first thing in the morning. That’s it.


  1. Yes, good for you and well done! I gave up… But I am trying to conquer procrastination in other areas of my life at the moment, which are harder, like admin and tidying up… eek! Can’t do it all at once.


    1. I give up on too much due to procrastination….I want to see this through no matter what just so I can prove to myself that I CAN….after I have seen it through, I’m hoping that will give me enough confidence to conquer my procrastination in other aspects as well


  2. Look, we all struggle with that last 15 minute brain fry. I just barrel along, add a photo and invite y’all to stop by later…
    What can a girl do. Hang tight. You are not alone. 😉


  3. Excellent job on posting every day of the year! That sounds really tough, especially when computers don’t always cooperate. That is quite an achievement! I used to be a procrastinator with school homework and projects but now I’m sort of the opposite. I always get things done early and some people look at me kind of weird in school for already being done with a project. I like to get things done so I can relax and not worry about them later.


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