First of all…What is with the changes after I do a new post, WordPress? The other day I posted and it told me what number post it was, which was great…but then it said BOMB! and at first, I freaked out…I was thinking, Was there a bomb found on my blog or something? Then I realized they were trying to use descriptive language to describe their joy in my finishing a blog….I would have rather they had used another word….yesterday, they used Wicked. Better choice but I can’t help but wonder if older people who are unaware of the “positive” meaning of that word are going to look clueless at it and wonder WHY did WordPress call my post Wicked? It was not evil at all! Oh well….good job, WordPress on trying to stay modern and current but please don’t ever use the word B-o-m-b ever again! Thanks! 🙂

Here’s the LAST 5QF for the month of July, Copy and answer for yourselves, if you so choose, but no one’s holding a bomb over your head…..I promise!

This 5 Question Friday was brought to you by:

On to the questions!

1. Vow renewal ceremonies-yay or nay? I am all for Vow Renewal Ceremonies….I think they are a wonderful reminder of why two people got married in the first place and a beautiful way to rekindle your love. That being said, I am for them being done for the RIGHT reasons just as marriage should be also….I believe they shouldn’t be done just as an excuse to throw a big party or put on a show and I also believe a couple having issues shouldn’t expect a vow renewal to solve their problems and put them back to the way they were before they got married. If you’re having problems, seek counseling first to see if things can be fixed. Then if they can be and you feel like your relationship has gotten better and is on a fresh start, by all means, have one to celebrate the occasion. Just don’t expect vow renewal ceremonies to be a magic fix to a relationship. 🙂
2. What sound/s annoy you the most? Sorry, hubby….I hate when he clears his throat cause it’s really loud and irritating…but I still love him! I also hate when a car parks outside the apartment and has their bass blowing out the neighborhood….UGH! Am I just getting older and boring?
3. If you had to pick, would you have only all boys, or only all girls for kids? I don’t want to have to pick! 😦 If I HAD to, I would have to go with the all girls like my two sisters ended up with….only because I’ve always wanted a little girl to fix her hair and dress her up pretty….but I hope I get lucky and get at least one of each because I really want a little boy, too
4. Do you believe in alternative medicine? Yea, I am all for it! 🙂
5. Would you take a family members children and raise them if they needed it? Definitely! I would be willing to do whatever I needed to do to help out and I would hope I have family members that would do the same in the future, after I have kids, if anything happened to me and my husband
Have a great weekend! 


  1. vow renewals – i think are great if a couple still feels that strongly for each other, but i agree with you that it is not a way to cure problems in a marriage.

    2 – most annoying sound to me – anything beeping that keeps beeping for no apparent reason and i can’t get it to stop

    3 – i can’t decided on this one, having one of each, i could say, all boys from age 12-20, and all girls from age 0-12

    4 – no, i can’t say that i really do believe in alternatie medicine, it has not been useful to me in the past and it bothers me when doctors prescribe it just because they can’t figure out anything else to do to fix a problem. my latest peeve about it is my new doctor wanting to send me to a dermatologist about the psoriasis. been there, done that, it’s NOT a skin disease, read my freaking records

    5 – yes, without question.


    1. The beeping comment reminds me of Chad’s phone charger that beeps forever before it starts working…..and as for Alternative Medicine, I believe some of it works but I don’t believe that IT should be the only thing ever used or tried.


    1. Well, I really hope when I have kids that I have one of each, at least….my oldest sister had 4 girls and my other sister had 2 girls then a boy….so we have so much more girls in our family. I’ve always been afraid I would be the one that would have ALL boys now….I want both…:)


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