OK…so I have put off doing a blog today until the absolutely last minute and can’t for the life of me think of something to post about in the 24 minutes left…..so therefore, I am resorting to answering the Daily Post topic for the day.

They asked about why reality TV shows are so popular……well, for the ones I watch, I would just say it’s like a guilty pleasure almost. I like the feeling of spying on other people’s lives without being an actual spy. I think that’s the reason most people watch them. I also think for some types of reality tv out there, people like to see others who are crazier or more messed up than themselves. Am I wrong? Maybe that’s not YOUR reason but I am sure a lot of people watch these shows having deep opinions about the different people and thinking inside their heads that these people are strange or weird and it kind of makes them feel better about who THEY are.

Then you have other types of reality shows that show people that are maybe just like you and this gives you more of a reassurance that you’re not the only one of your kind in this world. Take for instance the number of weight loss shows out there. If your’e overweight yourself, you might like seeing that there are others who struggle too, so you don’t feel so alone.

Then there’s the types like these makeover shows that make you cry because you feel for the people so much but then you also cry happy tears because something good happens to them in the end. Sometimes seeing that “good” things can happen to good people in this world can lift you up and make you feel like this world is more than the disasters and murders shown on the nightly news.

So I think there are as many reasons for liking reality tv as there are for liking just about anything. I admit to having a few of my favorites that get their controversy as well as being a huge fan of the talent shows, which are reality tv, but very entertaining in a different way.

Do you like any reality tv shows? If so, which ones? And what’s your opinion on why people like them so much???


    1. And you know they are going to heard about how they acted for the rest of their lives too! I don’t think I could deal with all their hatred reality stars deal with all over the internet…..and in the tabloids…it has to be tough!


    1. I’m sure a lot of them ARE staged…not much REALITY left anymore, huh? My mom watches “The Apprentice”…I’ve never been interested….I just like to say “You’re Fired!” LOL


  1. I like Survivor, I just find it interesting seeing how the people interact and seeing all the challenges and rewards. Seems like it would be quite an experience being on a tropical island without all the things we’re used to having around. The social aspect of the game would be really tough though since a lot of lying goes on and forming of groups and all that.


    1. I have friends that are big Survivor fans…I’ve never been into it, though……A lot of reality shows feel more scripted than realistic which I am SURE they really are…..Sometimes it’s hard to tell if a character on the show is playing the true selves or a scripted character that they just want you to believe is real.


  2. It’s guilty pleasure and we love to live vicariously through people who are ding things we only fantasize about.
    I watch a few of the Bravo ones and sometimes wonder why….
    It is infotainment too. right? 😉


    1. True, but there a few that I truly love….and not sure if most of them are necessarily in the Reality TV category or not….cause I have a huge thing for the talent shows, singing/dancing shows which are probably more realistic than some.


  3. I can’t stand most reality TV. I couldn’t get into The Real World back in the day (do you remember that one?!) and I can’t get into the thousands they have now . . . I do, however, have a certain shameless addiction to American Idol and America’s Got Talent. I don’t know why exactly. I never even vote. 😛


    1. I’ve watched maybe ONE season of Real World all the way through…I usually just watch the challenges which started out being against those people and the Road Rules people……Road Rules hasn’t been on in ages though…..
      I also love American Idol and America’s Got Talent….I HAVE voted through text for American Idol a few times after I first got AT&T cell phone service but not much anymore.


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