Today, me and my husband share our second wedding anniversary. It seems like we were just married yesterday, though! Where does the time go?

In honor of our anniversary, I wanted to go back to the day of our wedding and talk about it a bit as well as post some of my favorite pictures of the day. I’m not offended if you’re not interested in reading or seeing the pics but if you are, enjoy! I have just wanted to sit down and chronicle the day for my memory at some point and the time is now!

Date: July 19th, 2009

Location: Castle on the Lake in Jacksonville, Texas

Time: 3 in the afternoon

I did some things traditional and some things definitely not so traditional. I ordered my dress online without ever trying it on which apparently is a no-no, but I just KNEW it was the one at first glance. After receiving it in the mail and putting it on for the first time, I looked in the mirror and smiled so big. I felt beautiful, like a princess and I was getting married, one of my lifelong dreams!

I already had the colors picked out since I was a kid. My favorite color has always been purple so I wanted to just do different shades of purple. I envisioned purple dresses for my bridesmaids and maid of honor and I knew I wanted those little flower leis for the top of my flower girl’s heads. Everything had to be done on a budget, though and my bridesmaids didn’t have tons of money to spend. So I went shopping to find the bridesmaids dresses. The first one I found was for my husband’s sister. I bought it on sight without her trying it on. I just knew it would fit her and I was right. Another of my bridesmaid’s  dresses came from a niece that had a dress they had bought for a friend’s quinceneara. I had a friend that was super tiny that could fit it and it was the exact style I had dreamed of. Only my maid of honor picked her own out and when she found it, she got me to look at it and agree on it. When I saw HER dress online, I was like, WOW. It was exactly what I had pictured her wearing. I was so excited….all the dresses were like puzzle pieces coming together and fitting perfectly. I know it’s not proper to have different fabrics on the bridesmaids but I think it came together very nicely. The first time I saw all the dresses together was at my wedding and it came together better than I could have dreamed. All different shades of purple, but all long gowns. They were all sleeveless, some with spaghetti straps,some with bigger straps and some strapless altogether. Each of them ended up having a inverted V shape in the bottom half where it opened up to a piece of fabric underneath.

The guys all wore suits they owned except for my hubby, who bought his. He looked so handsome!

The place we had the wedding had a package that included the cakes, both the bride’s and groom’s, as well as all the chairs, little gold birdcages for decorations, extra napkins, whatever drinks we wanted(we picked sodas cause my family wasn’t into alcohol). My cake was a 3 tier cake with purple roses and strawberry flavoring inside. At the top of the cake was a carriage with the groom outside helping his bride out. The groom’s cake was a U.T. cake because my husband was a fan of that team, NOT because he went there. It had a creme brulee? flavoring and chocolate covered strawberries on it. YUM!

I bought my bouquet online to save money and all the flowers were purchased from Hobby Lobby. I decided real flowers was something I could live without. I also bought my unity candle holders which were two horses and a carriage online, as well as a wedding castle guestbook. I actually bid for these on Ebay and got really good deals. Way cheaper than if I had paid full price. Because the wedding started at 3 and was over at 6, we opted to only serve cake. Again, we were on a budget. There was a special honeymoon suite we could have stayed overnight at the castle, but we used what that would have cost to pay for about 4 nights at the hotel in San Antonio. I don’t regret this decision at all.

Probably one of the most extravagant buys for my wedding that I purchased was a 3 column stand up picture frame. I saw it at Hobby Lobby and immediately knew I wanted it for my wedding so I saved up and bought it. We had me from childhood to then on one side, my hubby as a baby until then on the other and our engagement photos along with other couple photos we had taken in the middle. I just loved it. We also had a picture where people could sign around the outside. Not everyone must have noticed it because not everyone signed but we had some friends and family members that did and it now hangs on our living room wall.

I remember walking down the wooden steps to the aisle where my dad escorted me to meet my husband at the altar. I was crying, but they were tears of joy and I saw the same tears in my husband’s eyes. I remember the officiant(my brother-in-law) whispering that I looked beautiful and it made me smile. I remember all the thoughts rushing through my head as I saw myself surrounded by all the people I love. I remember our moms having issues with the lighter not lighting as they try to light their individual candles. I also remember being so worried beforehand that I might trip down the stairs or that our unity candle would blow out, but the worry was for nothing. I remember the penny in my silver flip flops(couldn’t wear my heels because my feet swelled up too big) coming off on the steps without being noticed and later finding it on the 5th step face up taped to the step. How it got untaped from my shoe face up, fell off and retaped itself to that step, I will never know. I remember my husband stumbling over his lines about the wedding ring and everybody letting out a much needed laugh to chase the tears away. I remember being fed the piece of cake by my new husband and my veil getting stuck in the picture behind me. I remember the sweet maid of honor speech my best friend gave and trying not to cry. I remember wishing the bouquet to land in her arms and it did. I remember my youngest great nephew all swallowed up in his little tux looking too precious for words and dreaming of the day when I will hold a “little one” of my own. I remember seeing my “pimped out” car and thinking, “Payback will come” to all my nieces that partook of the pimping out. And…I remember taking your hand in mine on that day, dear husband and looking into your eyes. I remember our first kiss as husband and wife and the way I felt repeating it in my head over and over that I was now a wife. I remember it all and for a moment, I almost want to relive it again….but only if I could fast forward past the long process of planning and stress. Just to relive the happy moments and not the sad, like seeing a best friend who was a bridesmaid crying at my wedding. Finding out from her that she had just found out HER husband was cheating on her. Hugging her tightly and crying with her on the biggest day of my life and not caring that maybe others would think it wrong for her to have told me then. I respect her so much for not wanting to burden me with her pain on “my” day but my best friends ARE me. I’m never more important than them, they are the ones who are there for me and help me up when I am down. I took the appropriate time for letting her know that I truly cared and went through the rest of the reception feeling heart broken for her and I will always remember that moment. I don’t regret taking time away from the day to do this and I will never be upset that she told me that day.

It was a good day and it had a sad turn, but I don’t regret that day for anything. If I could go back, knowing everything I know now about married life, would I choose to take a different path? No….my immediate response is no.

I love you, Chad and Happy Anniversary!

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  1. Sharon, it al looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your story and pics. Happy anniversary! I wish you and your hubby a lifetime of love and blessings!


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