Sometimes things just happen in life that are completely unexpected but so wonderful. A close friend of mine and my husband’s recently gifted us some money for our upcoming anniversary and it came out of nowhere. Me and my husband had no real plans for spending our anniversary as we are usually on a tight budget so we were just going to see what happened. Then along came an angel(my friend) wanting to give us a special gift and I didn’t even want to accept really. Not because I was unappreciative, but simply because I’m the type that feels like I’m undeserving of the gift so I want the giver to give to another. Which is why I threw it on to my husband to pick up the actual gift from the friend and be the one “accepting” even though it was for us both.

I’m so thankful for my friend for this gift, though. I already said thank you but I am more thankful than I have the words to express. I wasn’t expecting anything other than spending time alone wherever with my husband on our day which is always sufficient for me. Now me and him can go have dinner together somewhere special or do something else if we choose and I will remember it’s because of a special friend’s unexpected gift to us. I didn’t put the name because they might prefer to be a giver in disguise, but if the “friend” reads this and wants to claim themselves as the giver, it’s fine with me.

I am just so humbled by the great friends in my life that make me smile unexpectedly, whether it’s with a gift or just a message. I love all my friends and you’re the reason I get through my down times and fight through to the smiling times! 🙂


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