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Isn’t old fashioned a hard thing to peg in some circumstances? For instance, me and my husband were just discussing about how fashion goes in and out of style…a style that might have been from the 60’s originally could conceivably come back in fashion today and the same goes for other decades and styles.

A modern photo turned vintage

Thanks to computer and photo software, we can make something “modern” appear “old fashioned” OR Vintage.

Vintage Reading 🙂

Agatha Christie is one of my favorite authors…although several of her books are “old fashioned” in design, her mysteries are never out of style for me!

Necklaces from the 20's and 30's

My Nanny gifted me all these necklaces…practically one in every color you can imagine. They are genuine necklaces made in the 20’s and 30’s that a friend would make and give to her. She knew how much I love vintage jewelry and she doesn’t wear much of it anymore so she gave them to me. I have them hanging on my bedroom wall where I can look at them all the time since I love them so much! 🙂

These 3 photos show “old fashioned” things that are favorites of mine. To me, they have a timeless appeal. Vintage photos(or a modern one made vintage!), Old books and jewelry are 3 of my favorite things! 🙂

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