This list is no particular order.

1.) Love CAN win a war.

2.) When traveling in another country, you should dress to match the culture.

3.) It’s possible to catch fish with your bare hands….if you’re Xena.

4.) To pull off back flips and front flips of Matrix proportions, it’s customary to always add a chant…such as “Ay yi yi yi yi!”

5.) Before getting water from a lake, you should always check to make sure there are no warnings written on any stones nearby.

6.)No matter how far your horse has run off to, it will usually return in lightning speed at the sound of a whistle.

7.)”To conquer others is to have power, to conquer yourself is to know the way.”

8.) The most vulnerable part of a giant is the middle of the forehead and one blow to it can kill them.

9.) It’s possible for an evil person to change their ways, but definitely not easy.

10.) While yoga is a great exercise, sometimes it can be harmful to your health…at least when the instructor is a bad guy.

11.) The real story behind soulmates is that we were each born with 4 legs until Zeus struck lightning down and split us each apart making 2 separate people with 2 legs a piece….now we each spend our lives searching for our other part or “mate”.

12.) Pay attention to the way things are worded….very CLOSE attention. Things aren’t always the way they seem.

13.) There are pressure points for practically everything…to hurt and to help.

14.) While we may consider getting rid of Death completely, it’s actually something that needs to occur in life to end long suffering of those in pain that would otherwise never see peace.

15.) Never leave Baby Cupid alone with the arrows…..

16.) Don’t assume that anyone will stay dead once you’ve killed them.

17.) I would NOT want to give birth to a baby Centaur.

18.) Sometimes when you believe the worst…that’s exactly what will happen to you.

19.) Pots and pans aren’t just for cooking, they can also be used as weapons…..but be prepared to lose a real weapon if the “cook” finds out you broke their pan…..AGAIN.

20.) Fish can also be used for weapons…although a bit messy.

21.) A bard is an old word for storyteller….or blog writer perhaps. 😉

22.) Sometimes you can find strength within you that you never knew you had.

23.) You CAN learn things from television shows……:)

24.) I already knew this but….Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

I could have probably kept going but I stopped it here for now….I know this is more silly and fun than serious stuff….but I thought it was something different that could be interesting to blog about. 


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