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{July 10, 2011}   Censorship on Facebook

Everyone seems to have their own opinions on what one should post or NOT post about on Facebook. There hasn’t been one day that has gone by in which I don’t see some one complaining about SOMETHING posted. Well….you want to know what I have to say about this? I have to say that the posts complaining are more annoying to me than the posts THEY are complaining about! Seriously.

WHY? Because if you have such an issue with it, YOU can hide the posts, YOU can delete them or you can delete the person. If you add someone to your Facebook, it’s supposed to be because they are either a friend of yours, a family member, co worker or maybe just an acquaintance that you clicked with. If their posts are bothering you that much, maybe you’re not as close as you thought you were?

I fully appreciate the variety of posts I see. I appreciate the differing views and opinions, the quirky posts that delve deep into who that person really is and what they really stand for, the videos and stories each person posts that gives you a bird’s eye view into how their mind really works. I don’t exercise the “delete person” ability very much because I believe just like in a real world environment, we are meant to adapt and work around annoyances, things said we don’t agree with and things we scoff at. As long as a person isn’t attacking me wrongly, I will leave it alone if they post something not in accordance to what I may believe. Sometimes I can learn great lessons from seeing a different side of things. I like to remain open minded to taking in all sides and then deciding for myself.

Recently, a mutual friend of me and my hubby’s privately messaged my husband and basically told him he would “prefer if he wouldn’t post about eating fast food” and such because he is on a diet and trying to lose weight and this tempts him. My reaction when my husband told me this was that the “friend” needs to grow up and get over himself. In the real world, people are going to be talking about fast food and eating it in front of him constantly and this is something he will just have to learn to deal with. You can’t expect the world to bow down for you and roll out the red carpet and say, ” We will not do ANYTHING whatsoever to tempt you.”

This is not the first time this mutual friend has told my husband he didn’t like something he posted for stupid reasons and I’m sure it won’t be the last. He has never said anything to me about any of MY posts…which he is smart for because he wouldn’t like my response. I would tell him delete me if you have an issue…I am not going to change myself or the way I personally post for anyone. I have a right just like everyone else to post whatever I feel like. If someone else doesn’t like it, they can delete me and I could care less. If the way you deal with things that annoy you is to delete them, then by all means, feel free to do so. If you come to me and attack me up front, believe me when I say that I, myself, will do the honors of deleting you. 🙂

Sorry for this post…I just felt like ranting!

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