Did you make it through the July 4th weekend in one piece?

July’s a great month for me, following Independence Day(not the one with Will Smith) there was also my best friend’s birthday, which was yesterday…my hubby’s birthday coming up on the 13th and mine and my hubby’s anniversary on the 19th! Wow! Two of the most important people to me’s birthdays and my wedding anniversary ALL in one month.

Oh…and of course 5(my lucky number!) Fridays too in July!

Here’s the second serving of 5 question Friday for the month of July…..you know what to do if you want to answer too, right? Answer in the comments or on your OWN blog!

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On to the questions!

1. Do you think cursive writing is overrated? (Schools in Indiana have now voted to take teaching cursive writing out of their curriculum.)
My first honest response to this is “I HAD to learn cursive, so kids today should have to as well!”
I had heard schools were thinking of getting rid of cursive writing and I can sort of understand it because honestly, I only use cursive for my signature and when forced to…..The schools I grew up in actually had a class JUST for cursive writing where we not only learned it but were critiqued for every little whorl of the letter that wasn’t just so and it really annoyed me to be honest. I mean, I already learned “Print” when I was younger…why do I have to learn another way of writing? I came to learn it was considered a more sophisticated, professional way of writing but that didn’t keep me from writing in print every chance I could get. There’s a part of me that thinks cutting out cursive writing in school is just the first step of many in losing our writing skills, though. Kids already are so used to shortening their words when writing to friends, texting and typing on the computer and when corrected, you suddenly become the “grammar police” and since it’s not school, it’s considered OK to throw out everything you were taught. Well…honestly, this worries me because the more you practice bad grammar, bad spelling and shortening or “dumbing down” your writing, the more you get used to it and you forget the correct way of doing things. There’s even been articles on how kids nowadays when applying for jobs answer questions in their shorthand and speak unprofessionally because of the way they speak on computers…..Maybe THIS and cursive writing don’t really go together….but a part of me thinks it’s another step in losing sophistication in the English language…..DO YOU AGREE?

2. Do you still use a pocket calendar or notepad or do you keep your info on your smart phone? I do not have a smart phone….and probably will only get one when I can upgrade my phone in Dec. IF it’s affordable. The phone I have does have a calendar but I don’t really use it…I am old fashioned and use room calendars on my wall. I do usually carry a small notebook in my purse, though.

3. What 3 things would you save if your house was burning down? (family & pets are already safe) This is difficult….I would probably grab just whatever I could…Photo albums, books, things of that nature…..My pillow….don’t laugh…I’ve had it since I was a baby and i’s already survived one fire

4. Country Mouse or City Mouse, err Person? City, definitely….I don’t like being too far away from civilization….whenever I go far out in the country, the song from “Deliverance” starts playing in my head….LOL

5. If you could pick ANY reality show to go on, which would you pick?
I’ve actually thought of this before….I think I would pick “America’s Got Talent” if I ever got the nerve…..My husband has told me to try “American Idol” but I’ve always felt that show was based more on a popularity contest rather than talent…not to say good singers don’t make it through cause they do….but there’s just so many that slip through the cracks during the many auditions. They have to let so many “bad” auditions through as they do good….to make better TV. “America’s Got Talent” has seemed the most real out of the talent type shows for singing, anyways. I DO love to sing but I doubt myself too much and don’t think I’m as good as the others on there even though my hubby says I am. I don’t know…right now, I love being a wife and have dreams of becoming a mother. I love to blog and dream of finding my niche in writing someday. I’m only 27….who knows what may happen?
That was one LONG 5 Question Friday! Sorry to be so talkative! Hope you all enjoy your weekend! 🙂


  1. Wow, sounds like there will be a lot of celebration this month! My two brothers and I are all born in February exactly a week and then two weeks apart, and even our past dog’s birthday was in February, so that is the celebration-filled month for us!

    I’m not sure about cursive writing either, it does seem to have little use when we only use it for signatures mainly, but I don’t think it hurts to learn it. They should probably keep teaching it.


    1. Yep…wow, a lot of February birthdays in your family! 🙂

      I forgot that I also use cursive writing when writing checks….I’ve never attempted printing the amount on a check and seeing if they would still accept me….they probably would but I was taught to do the amount in cursive and the signature….


  2. I think cursive is way overrated and useless today. Cursive is a lot easier to read for everyone, including sensors on postal envelopes, etc. I do believe though we should teach our kids about calligraphy and all the various fonts, so they don’t end up using the ugliest, hard to read fonts when using software like Word.

    Have fun with all the birthdays and anniversaries this month!


      1. I figured that’s what you meant.
        ALTHOUGH….I HAVE seen some people’s handwriting that’s hard to read regardless LOL
        I just prefer print because I can write so much faster….with Cursive, I feel like I am writing so slow!


      2. I don’t think kids getting worse at English has anything to do with not learning cursive anymore. Rather that teachers are taking the easy way and not teaching them the basics they’ll need in everyday life. This includes good oral and written communication skills to interact with co-workers, customers, etc. Parents are also doing a lousy job at teaching their kids good manners. I’m appalled at how many older kids don’t even say hello, please and thank you. There’s something bigger and more wrong going on…


      3. Yea, you make good points there. I don’t think they are necessarily related but I do think there’s just something professional about cursive writing….
        Teachers definitely are “taking the easy way out” nowadays…I feel like schools work more towards passing these standardized tests rather than actually teaching the kids what they need to really know


    1. True, but I just worry because of how language skills have seemed to worsen over time…..I fear getting rid of cursive is a sign of things getting worse before they get better.


  3. 1. “Maybe THIS and cursive writing don’t really go together….but a part of me thinks it’s another step in losing sophistication in the English language…..DO YOU AGREE?”

    100%!!! Someone posted on FB about cursive being taken out of school and I was appalled! I can understand that in the age of computers, it’s not really used often, but can you imagine not even being able to sign your name? And what about the lost art of letter writing? When I’m just writing for me, I most often print, but if I’m writing a letter or a card, I always use cursive. It just looks nicer!

    2. I carry a notebook and a day planner with me almost everywhere I go. I also have a dry erase board on my wall next to my desk and a dry erase calendar in the kitchen. I could never get into this electronic planning thing!

    3. Only three? Yikes! — memory card with all of my pictures and word files, a Mitzpah charm (my mom was buried with the other half), and the memory box with my daughter’s baby stuff

    4. City — I need to be around noise and people . . . which is strange because of my social anxiety issues 😛

    5. I don’t think I watch enough reality TV to choose one. I can’t sing. I don’t have any performing type talents. —- Ooohh, I have one! Pawn Stars! I want to go on Pawn Stars with some rare something or other and walk out with thousands of dollars! 😀


    1. I don’t think many kids nowadays understand HOW to write a letter….as in how to address it and make it look professional….it’s becoming a “lost art” as you said and it’s sad 😦
      But then again, I watch television with younger people all the time and am alarmed when I see that how much speech has seemed to worsen over the years….you look back at how people USED to talk….and now? Our speech appears to have been “dumbed down” quite a bit……I sometimes worry if we are going backwards instead of forwards and we are going to eventually be shortening our speech to that of the cave man…..yikes!
      I’ve never seen Pawn Stars, but I’ve watched other shows where people come on with old items and get tons of money…….I wish I had something really rare that would make ME rich as well!


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