Today was one of those days where if I didn’t have the PostaDay Challenge, I would have just not done a blog post. I just didn’t really know what to post about today so instead I am posting a poem I did years ago and I originally had posted on my MySpace blog back in 2007.

This poem wasn’t really written for a specific guy but rather for a “dream” guy that I viewed in my mind as the perfect guy for me.


A beautiful smile,
A wondrous heart,
Deep, soulful eyes,
A miraculous start.

A magical touch,
that sends shivers to my soul,
A loveable guy to forever
have and to hold.

That sexy stare,
Messy, but smooth, silky hair,
A deep and strong voice,
That whispers softly in my ear.

Wisdom above his years,
will wipe away my tears,
Has strong arms to hold me,
And pick me up when I fall,
Always is there to answer my call.

A brilliant mind,
Way before his time,
Loves me like crazy,
Doesn’t have to spend money
to show me he cares,
Cause I know in my heart
the love that we share.

There’s no such thing as perfect,
But he sure comes close.
No better guy I could have chose,
That makes me feel the way you do,
I’ll love him forever,
My perfect man is you.

*I wrote a poem back when I was about 16 that was To my Dream guy. I don’t think I have ever publicly posted it but I do have a printout of it somewhere. It reads in a completely different way than this poem and I actually think it’s a better poem than this one. I may be posting it sometime soon if I can find it*


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