The sky before a storm

I took this picture around Thanksgiving this past year. There was just something oddly beautiful about the storm clouds in the sky next to the autumn colors of the trees. I really love photos of the sky, especially the night sky and during sunrise/sunset.

There were some really gorgeous pictures from my wedding day that had the sky in the background. Since others took these photos, I will give credit below the pic. to the ones who did.

Picture taken 7/19/09 by my Step mom-in-law, Kristine
Picture taken by my best friend Tara on 7/19/09
Previously used but a favorite of mine! 🙂
View of the sky from Devil's Backbone....I love it! 🙂

And last but not least, a recent picture from about a week ago that I took on my phone! 🙂

6/22/11-Picture of the Sunset right outside my apt. window 🙂

Hope you all enjoy and Happy 4th of July tomorrow to all my friends and family!


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