It’s the first day of July already! The Summer is just breezing on by!

Here’s the first of FIVE 5 Question Friday’s for the month of July….if you’re interested in participating, answer the questions here in the comments or on your own blog!

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On to the questions!

1. If you had the opportunity to bungee jump, would you? No, most definitely NOT! This sort of thing scares me and I HAVE had the opportunity if you count a bungee jump at Six Flags where you get hooked up and get dropped from high and fall…..except those ones tend to keep going BACK up and falling again and again, ah!
2. Would you rather go to the movie theater or to the drive-in? Until recently, I was under the impression that “drive-ins” were non-existent until first, I heard one of my nieces up in Indiana mention going to one and then I read on a blog about someone going to one….I’m thinking maybe drive-ins are just up north in the U.S. mainly….I was always told by my parents that it was something that was around when they were younger but not anymore…there’s none around here. The closest thing is maybe when the BIG cities do a once in the summer movie screening thing in a park or something….so I honestly don’t have a choice. I would LOVE to go to a drive-in just once to experience it…..if I ever get to, then maybe I would be able to answer which is better
3. Do you have your groceries delivered? No…we live so close to everything and me and my husband are able to drive to the store and back…so there’s no need to do so. I think this is an excellent idea for those that aren’t physically able to get to the store, though
4. Eyebrows: Do you wax, thread, pluck, or stay au naturel? Au naturel for my eyebrows. I’ve only had them waxed once in my life and that wasn’t my idea, the lady who does my hair waxed them before my wedding for me. I was really shocked that there could be such a physical difference in looks….I mean, I’ve never had an uni-brow but I am blessed with full eyebrows so I probably have a few light stray hairs right above and below the eyebrow line but they aren’t noticeable to me…at least not until I had them waxed that one time. I kind of want to get them done again but I just hate how it doesn’t last for longer than a month…yuck…I am so not high maintenance…too much work!
5. Would the people you went to high school with be surprised by your life today? Is it bad if I answer this by saying, “I don’t really care!”….I mean, the few people from high school that are important are the ones I am friends with to this day so they already know where I am in life and they are obviously fine with it….as for the ones that treated me bad and couldn’t care less about me then….Do you really think I care what they think of me NOW? N-O! The ones who like you back when you were shy and unpopular are the only ones who matter to me…..if someone doesn’t like you at your worst, they are not worth my time when I end up at my best
So there you have it! I actually liked these 5 questions a whole lot and would love to hear other’s responses to them so feel free to answer. 🙂  Is There a Drive-IN where YOU live? Am I missing a great experience?


  1. Drive Ins are FUN. You can pack a picnic, get their early, play on the swings before the movie, get cozy comfy in your own car, enjoy the cartoons, visit the snack bar, etc.

    But . . . the speakers are not always the best quality. So some times you find a perfect spot, park, and then the movie start and your speaker doesn’t work. Then you have to drive around to find a better spot.

    I like drive ins best for movies I’ve already seen.


  2. I actually have a drive-in right in my town! The only one in all of San Diego County. And I’ve never been. I can’t imagine sitting in my car for 2 hours to watch a movie, and listen to bad sound. For me, nothing beats the comfort of my couch!
    And I’d never get my groceries delivered. I like to pick everything off the shelf myself, especially the produce.


    1. Cool!
      I’m thinking this drive-in experience is not all it’s cracked up to me…hearing about the bad quality of sound and yea….my car is definitely not the most comfortable to sit in vs. the nicer movie theater seats.


  3. 1. also no way! 🙂
    2. also never had the chance, never heard of one in the UK.
    3. no, mostly because of what they do if the thing I want isn’t in stock, not enough options for saying what is a suitable alternative, unless they have improved since I last tried it.
    4. natural. My eyebrows are naturally subtle, but even if they weren’t I expect I’d leave them alone. Hubby has the occasional long hair in his, which I love! He tends to trim them but I tell him not to because they look eccentric 😀 (I’m a little odd…!)
    5. I’m with you on the don’t care except the few I still keep in touch with. Which is why I wouldn’t want to go to a reunion of my school.


    1. I’ll probably go with my husband to HIS reunion next yr. (his 10th) but he went to a school in another city about 4 hours from me. I won’t ever have one to go too because I finished at an alternative type school to do 2 1/2 yrs. of work in 6 months and get done with it…..(due to being made fun of in school and dropping out)…and not TOO sad about it cause I didn’t like most of the people back when I was there anyways…..the ones i DID like, I am still close with…which are about 3 people LOL


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