Rebellious-defying or resisting some established authority, government,                        or tradition; insubordinate; inclined to rebel.

In this case, I am the authority figure and the computer is the one defying AND resisting me. Just like a teenager rebelling against their parents or other authority. But the dictionary also tells me when referring to “things” rebellious means resisting treatment. Well, that just makes my computer sound like I sent it to rehab and it’s refusing to go off drugs. At times, THIS definition also may fit, though. If the treatment is running virus scans, uninstalling and reinstalling software, defragmenting the computer, rebooting it,etc. then this fits.

My computer was being very rebellious yesterday, according to both definitions of the word and most like, a parent with an unruly teenager, I was very nearly considering sending my “bad” computer off to military school…or to someone wiser who could make it mend its evil ways.

When I see the synonyms of the word “rebellious”, my previous discussions about my computer having a conspiracy against me come back with a vengeance. Words like defiant, insubordinate,insurgent and mutinous appear and for some reason visions of ninjas and pirates attacking emerge in my mind. Now my annoyance at my computer has elevated to fear. Is my computer planning a mutiny????

Surely not, right? It’s just a could it want to harm me physically? Other than giving me a major headache.

So I research online as much as possible all the ways to fix my problems and just as I am beginning to wave the white flag, a bit of simple advice read from my screen is put into place and voila! Mutiny over and my rebellious teenager,  computer is now back to normal. At least for now….

My computer doesn’t fool me for one moment though! I know underneath this calm facade is a mutinous machine just waiting to rise up and overtake me!

So maybe I’ve been reading too many books or perhaps, more likely, watching too much Xena reruns, eh?

For now, I will enjoy this moment with my computer acting mature and stable and relish it because tomorrow, the rebellion could return. ~sighs~

(Note to my blog followers: My last post titled “Lost and Found and Belated Awards” had the comments turned off for some reason unknown to me. I have turned them back on now. Sorry if you had tried to leave any comments on it, you are able to do so now if you like!)


  1. Haha I’m glad your computer seems to be back to normal! This one has been acting up too and wouldn’t load pages for a while but at the moment it seems to be doing better as it’s letting me at least post comments!


  2. Yes, our gadgets do rebel from time to time and hold us hostage….
    This was a very funny post… Hope you fix the issues if they arise again. 🙂


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