Have you ever noticed little traits in you that remind you of your mom and wonder how could you have inherited that? Have you ever said something and immediately thought, “Gosh, I sound just like my mother!”

Well, I have. It seems it happens more often now that I’m married and judging by other’s experiences, I’m guessing that after becoming a parent one of these days, I will sound even MORE like her.

My husband is notorious for laying something down somewhere and forgetting where he sat it and then it can be right in front of his face yet he will miss it. This is why every time he says he has looked everywhere for an item, I will automatically know this is the furthest thing from the truth. Glancing down at an area or barely moving things around does not justify having fully looked for something and I will be the first to tell him so. I will then be forced to have to help out in finding this lost item and a vast majority of the time I will find it in a place he looked. As in…99% of the time. When he reads this, I am sure he will disagree with me but I know the truth.

I remember as a kid my mom would say the same things to me and inevitably find something in a place I swore I looked thoroughly through. Even to this day, I will swear up, down, right and left that I DID fully search certain areas that she would later look through and find what I could not find there. It was like she had the magic touch or something. She would find my item and then say some witty repartee such as, “If it was a snake, it would have bit you.” Well, I always wanted to reply back, “If it WAS a snake, I would have found it BUT then again if it WAS a snake, I would not be looking for it.” ย Instead I decided not to be smart about it and just reply that I DID look.

Now, I feel as if I sound like my mom when I talk to my husband about losing items. But I swear that he doesn’t look as hard as I DID….I mean it!

I mean, how could he have? Some of the things I locate for him are just simply too easy to find to have possibly missed. Yet he somehow defies the laws of nature. A couple days ago, as he was napping, he awoke and found he had lost his wedding ring. This would be the second time he has lost that thing even though it stays on his finger 100% of the time. I am really considering getting that thing tightened even though he says it fits just right. Well, the first time, he actually DID find it…wonder of wonders and defying the odds!

This past time, he couldn’t and decided he would look later as he wanted to sleep. I was typing away on the computer at the time and figured I would try to find it myself later. I didn’t even have to look, though, because I was tired that night and decided when I woke up, we would play search and find the wedding ring. BUT as I picked up my side of the blanket and threw it over me, I felt something under my leg. It was cold and metallic feeling and I automatically knew, before reaching to pick it up, what it was. I picked it up and exclaimed to my husband, “I found him!”

My husband, half asleep, was like, “Who? “Who did you find?” I replied, “I found him! I found Mr. Wedding Ring!” (Don’t make fun of me…..I like to say silly things sometimes). My husband thought my referring to the ring as a man was cute anyways. After telling him the location of the ring(which by the way, I TOLD him to look in the blankets!), he went back to sleep and I laid my head down for the night with a smile on my face because I had triumphed in finding the missing ring.

A little over a week ago, I was given 3 awards by Elizabeth of Mirth and Motivation. I want to say Thanks once again for these awards and now I want to pass them on.

*If you have already received any or all of these awards recently, you can choose to not pass them on again.*

  1. Memoirs of a Madonnaย  -I recently found her blog when she commented on mine. She has been blogging for MUCH longer on WordPress than I have(since 2008, I believe) and her posts are always interesting and often entertaining to read
  2. Should be Reading– Of course this blog’s title pulls me in because I love reading and believe we all “should be reading” but besides that, THIS is also the creator of the WWW Wednesday’s I have been doing recently as well as other reading challenges she hosts and participates in on her blog. If you enjoy book blogs, this is a good one!
  3. Ahhsome– The title says it all. Currently she is on vacation for awhile, but I can’t wait for her posts when she returns!
  4. Surviving Illness with Joy– WOW! This woman is such an inspiration. She has been through so much and is just overflowing with joy amidst it all. Her blog really puts things in perspective for me each time I read it!
  5. Communicating across boundaries– I accidentally stumbled across this blog one day and her post on that day inspired me to do a post on freedom and allowing others their own opinions even though it may differ from yours. She originates from a world totally different from mine but reading her posts shows just how much in common you can still have even when you grew up in another place.
  6. I shall be a toad– While researching for a post I did against tanning, I found a post on a site that was done by this woman. I wholeheartedly agreed with it and commented that way. Then I started reading her WordPress blog and I am a huge fan. Dayle is an amazing writer and mother who may have a different religious background than me but it’s amazing how much we agree on.
  7. Keep or pitch?– A woman wanting to declutter her life by asking opinions from others about the items in her house. I’ve seen some pretty cool things on this blog and it’s always a refreshing change to just go here, see what item she is asking to “keep or pitch” and throw in your opinion.
  8. Smile, kiddo– A pessimist may hate this blog but it’s an optimist’s dream…and for someone, like me,who wants to be more optimistic, it is a God-send. I love her blog, not only is she the one who led me to the Keep or Pitch? blog, but she also has a way of turning every negative into a positive and always leaving you with a smile!
  9. Morning Erection-I have mentioned this guy before but those that missed me mentioning him..you should really check him out! Don’t be afraid of the name, it’s more of an attention grabber than anything. This is also a reminder for him to come back to blogging more often! He is missed!
  10. Perfecting Motherhood-Last time I gave out an award(which was also the first time), I gave her one for her other site. This time I’m giving all 3 of these awards to this blog. I’m not a mom yet so sometimes I can’t fully relate(OK, more like MOST of the time), but I still like reading this blog and I most definitely recommend to mommies! And if you have never checked out her bl0g about cows, do that too!
  11. Shyness Project-A recent high school graduate(Congratulations again, Brittany!), she has spent 2011 so far facing her “shyness” head on and confronting it. She has come such a long way and realized that she isn’t shy so much as labeled it by others because of her at times, quiet demeanor. I love reading about her new discoveries and am so proud of her!

I came up with more than I thought I would! If I left out anyone, I am so sorry. Every blog I follow is special to me and deserves many awards!

These are the 3 awards, by the way!



    1. I did try to leave a comment.
      I thought maybe you turned them off on purpose.

      Thanks for linking me up to Smile, Kiddo. What a happy blog! ๐Ÿ˜€


      1. Nope, I never turn comments off. I just happened to glance down at the bottom of my post and it said comments off! And I was like, What?! I didn’t do that!
        I’m glad you like her blog, it always makes me smile! ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Thanks for including me on this list! That’s ahhsome! Since I’m on vacation for awhile, I don’t have time to work on these now, but I feel honored and thanks for thinking of me. I’ll look into the award upon my return. Gotta get back to a quick update before going to bed for an early rise, and onto the ferry to cross over to CANADA! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lake Forest, CA USA


  2. Happy to be mentioned on your list! Thanks to Smile, Kiddo for sending you my way.
    Still downsizing in Pittsburgh with a little help from my friends…..


  3. Thank you Sharon, I’ve been having a rough and emotional day and this really lifted my spirits. I love the description. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you, I’m so glad to have met you in this here blogging world!


  4. Thank you for the awards, Sharon! I feel like I should thank the academy (and of course my agent) for something… I’m not sure what’s more fun and interesting, blogging about cows or how nuts my kids drive me!


  5. 1 – It’s not just my mom; I say things that my aunt used to say AND that my grandmother used to say! The other day I told my daughter, “Don’t get smart with me!” I had to walk out of the room cause I started cracking up because that’s what my grandmother used to say to me all the time ๐Ÿ™‚

    2 – I think the not looking thing is a kid and a man thing! Between my daughter and my boyfriend I am constantly finding things that they looked “everywhere” for! — Your husband can deny it if he likes, but I fully believe your side of the story ๐Ÿ˜‰

    3 – Thank you so much for the blogger awards! . . . I’m definitely going to check out the other blogs you listed too ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Yea, I have a feeling the “saying things my mom and others said” is going to get worse instead of better!
      Thanks for believing MY side of the story. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      And you’re welcome about the awards! I think you would enjoy the other blogs I listed as well! ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Funny… it happened to me once and I wondered too… hmm.. Anyway, your comments are back on! Congratulations and enjoy sharing your awards.
    I love reading your posts Sharon. I’ve been AWOL lately… just from exhaustion and the hectic pace of life. ๐Ÿ™‚


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