For those interested, this is an update as of 6 p.m. Tuesday, June 21st for the Texas wildfires. The ones closest to me were called the Bearing Fire and the Powerline Fire.

The Powerline Fire within 100 miles of me is now 75% contained after hitting 3,500 acres.  The East Texas area(where I live in) has received some rain today with more chances of rain tonight and tomorrow so hopefully this will help get the fires under control.

The Bearing Fire that is within 20-25 miles of me is now 60% contained after destroying 20,222 acres. The rain has said to be a great relief in their efforts at getting it that far.

Sadly, there are much more fires all throughout Texas, New Mexico and Arizona currently. In fact, Texas Forest Service currently is responding to 22 large fires that have burned 132,750 acres. If you’re interested in any fires close to your area, visit You can find detailed information about any fires there.

Humans are said to cause almost 90% of all wildfires and with summer just now arriving in the States, the 4th of July coming soon and possibly more hot, dry weather, it’s a good idea to obey any burn bans in your area and take precautions to keep your home and property safe. is a great resource for information on how to do just that.

Stay safe this summer and sign the pledge at to help stop wildfires! There’s already been over 34 million acres burned in the U.S. this year and still counting! I signed the pledge, will you?

*Message to parents: Your kids might want to check out the Smokey Kids section on the site!*


  1. Glad that the rain has started to fall and is helping to douse the fires. I have signed Smoky the Bear’s pledge and always obey Fire Bans and regs when camping.


    1. I am too! Right now we have severe thunderstorms going through the area and while that can be dangerous, it’s also a very good thing at the moment. I have recently heard the smaller fire near me is 100% contained and they are getting tons of rain in the area of the bigger one so hopefully that would will be put out soon as well! 🙂
      I had a feeling that you were a fire ban obeyer! I still remember the Smokey the Bear commercials as a kid. I think kids need to be introduced to Smokey the Bear nowadays, as well.


  2. Going to forward to Smokey the Bear kid info to my grandchildren, Good info.
    Hope more rain comes your way.
    i had no idea so much acreage was lost to wildfire.
    Thanks for the update.


    1. I had no idea either until I started looking it up and was completely flabbergasted. Especially by the huge amount of wildfires that are caused by human stupidity. It is really sad. 😦
      We got some rain but Lord knows, we still need more!


    1. Yea, I heard about it through all the fire updates from our area and thought I would share it with those who may be interested.
      I’m hoping it is all over soon as well!


  3. I’m glad to read that some of the rain we are getting here is touching down there… Hope you are safe and others as well.
    It is a real shame that people would be so careless to start these terrible fires.
    I even remember reading somewhere that some of those fires are deliberate… awful.
    Sending prayers and blessings to all.. how’s mom and nanny doing? Blessings to all. 😦


    1. I wouldn’t be surprised about the deliberate fires…some people are just plain horrible. 😦
      We got some rain but we are still in need of some more, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for more!
      My mom is doing well getting around with a walker or cane. My Nanny is staying at a nursing home for a week or two to recuperate from her fall and be able to get around well before she goes back home. Otherwise, she is healing and doing good. Thanks for the prayers and blessings!


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