I love how someone can say something hilarious in the moment when things are not looking so great and it just takes you out of it for a bit…makes you forget and laugh.

I have friends in my life that can do that. Lighten my mood when it’s down, turn that frown upside down. My husband is also good at making me laugh when I want to cry. I’m so thankful for the people in my life that bring happiness and light when the world looks sad and dark outside. They are just heaven sent, indeed.

Reading blogs that are happy lifts your spirits too. Such as Elizabeth from Mirth and Motivation with her post today about Inspiration and Smiling. πŸ™‚ Such a great reminder to keep a smile on your face even when it might be the last thing you want to do. You never know when someone is having a bad day and may need to see your smile. Your smile could make all the difference in the world to them. Even though I can’t see this particular blog writer’s actual smile through my computer, I can feel her metaphorical smile shining through her post and it meant a lot to me. It truly made my day!

But I couldn’t possibly ever stop there on expressing credit for people sending smiles through the internet straight to me because I also follow a daily blog that is ALL about smiling. Smile, Kiddo’s blog has to be the most optimistic, happy blog I have ever read. She keeps things real but always seems to find the smile in everything she does. Such an inspirational read for me each time and daily reminds me to find smiles more often in my own life.

If you’re not already a follower of both these blogs, I highly recommend checking them both out. They are both great! πŸ™‚

If you don’t go check them out…I may have to send you this adorable puppy I saw in a forward from my mom….and you may want to keep him away from your computer!

Bad puppy!

If you have no other reason to smile today, SMILE because this wasn’t YOUR computer! πŸ™‚


  1. I hope I make ya giggle sometimes, cause you sure add a smile to my day! luv ya and a so glad you’re in my life. I’m so proud of you for your blog, it’s almost 6 months straight now! i know how hard a task it is to write every day, and I’m really really REALLY proud of you for sticking with it!


  2. Thanks for the shout out Sharon. I love reading your blog too…
    I cannot believe that puppy is doing what we think he is doing… πŸ˜‰


  3. aww sharon he is adorable, put a msile on my face. I am going to check out the other two blogs too.


  4. Ha! That’s me and my dad.. The ones crackin jokes when everything else is tense. This does have its downfalls sometimes… But my gyno visits are always filled with mechanic jokes! πŸ˜‰


    1. LOL. I never had a cat because my mom is allergic but I have family in Indiana that have cats and they’re not always the best either. One of them totally tore up one of my big suitcases when I was staying there for a few months and I didn’t realize until the last minute and had to spend the money to buy a new one! 😦


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