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First of all, Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there, the REAL ones who encompass what being a father really means. In other words, the ones that are there for their kids when they need them providing love and support. The ones that work their butts off to make the best lives for their kids. Here’s a toast to you!

I’ve never been really close with my dad. He gripes a lot and worries too much and pretty much always gets on my nerves, but he worked all his life for his family to have things and he never beat me or my mom. He never went out partying or got drunk so overall, he was a good dad and that’s more than I can say for other ones out there.

For some unfortunate people near me, this is not a happy Father’s Day, for sure. The two fires near the city I live in are still burning, one from 100 miles away in one direction, the other a mere 20-25 miles. The biggest one is the one closest to me and started Friday from an overheated wheel bearing. On Friday night, they had it 80% contained but lost control of it yesterday and now it is only 40% contained. The last update had it at 15,000 acres burned. It is now the second largest wildfire in East Texas history with a mere 800 acres separating it from becoming the biggest ever on record.

It’s currently 101 degrees here and much hotter where the fires blaze on. With 0% percent chance of rain in the forecast until Tuesday, it might take a miracle for the fires to be completely put out.

Front Line photo of fire submitted on KTRE News site

Fire crossing a road in Trinity County

Smoke seen from miles away...this is a Lowe's in the city I live

A shot of the "pink sun" in Lufkin...where I live

Obviously, our area and those around us are under a burn ban. With the grass as dry as it is outside, the heat and the wind, even one little spark could get out of control starting yet another fire. And our resources are very limited right now, as you can imagine.

As I was looking at the news site on my Facebook, I noticed a woman who was frustrated with having to tell people to quit burning. Apparently, they have had a problem with people not obeying even when it should be so obvious to them that it’s a dumb idea. I agree with her and would think everyone else would, too. But then there followed a response about the cause of the fire not being from people burning, but a wheel bearing. Then came another one that said the writer encouraging people NOT to burn should read the comment about the fire being caused by a wheel bearing.

My jaw dropped! I couldn’t believe what I was reading! Are people really that crazy? Are there really people out there that would jump to the side of people burning because THAT was not what started the fire?

I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised, really. The lack of intelligence never ceases to amaze me. People that utter such nonsense as this is the reason behind the rumors of Southerners or Texans, in general, being dumb. Believe me when I say that we are NOT all devoid of common sense like these people that said such nonsense. Some of us are actually quite smart. But I have found some quote, unquote, douchebags, like my blog buddy, The Hook seems to find a vast quantity of on a regular basis. ~Sighs~ Such horror!

For now, I will be hoping against hope that the weather men are wrong and rain will come anyways. We need it so bad.

You might have heard the song that says, “The stars at night are big and bright…deep in the heart of Texas.” Well…they usually are but last night, no stars were seen in my neck of the woods. They were all blanketed by heavy smoke clouds from miles away. I pray that tonight the stars will shine again.

~All photos are straight from, which is one of the news stations near me following the fire. The photos were viewer submitted to the website.~

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