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{June 18, 2011}   In dire need of rain

Another triple digit day here in Texas with no rain in sight. To make matters worse, there are 2? separate wildfires within 30-50 miles of me currently.

One of the fires apparently occurred last night and got to 80% contained only to have high winds and dry conditions spread the fire. On my last look to the news page, they had it 20% contained. We are within 30 miles of this fire and the sky is dark from the smoke in the distance and ashes are falling randomly at different places in my city and a few alongside it. I can smell the smoke and it’s a very surreal moment. Although I know the fires are still aways from us here, I also know the ashes could spark another fire if they touch dry enough grass. Our week has been full of 100 degree days…merely 15 minutes ago, it was 102 here. Rain has not fallen here in awhile either and we are under a burn ban. So it’s a creepy feeling realizing that you’re so close to a big disaster and could very possibly be affected by it. It’s one thing seeing stuff on TV, but quite another thing being directly involved.

Maybe that’s a very selfish thing to admit. The idea that watching a disaster on TV doesn’t put things in perspective as much as actually being directly involved with it. It’s my honest view, though.

Last I heard, the county that I live in is in no direct danger at the moment, but with ashes falling on dry grass, there’s still a chance of trouble. Having already lost a home at 11 to a fire, the idea of losing another scares me. I pray that we will get some very much needed rain soon. Not only for our area but all areas on fire at this time. I pray for these fires to be ended as soon as possible with as little loss as possible. I feel so much for those that have already lost homes and businesses to fires.

Please keep Texas in your thoughts and prayers right now!

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