What can I say about Morning? Besides the very unusual past few days where I have been seeing it more often, I normally am not very close with it. I’ve just always been a night owl and even when forced to be up early(or even accidentally up early), I tend to frown upon the morning sun rather than greet it lovingly.

So this challenge is so not my forte and I definitely frowned upon the idea of picking photos with a “Morning” theme. I tried to best pick pictures that I thought fit this theme the best…at least in my interpretation and outlook on it.

A sleepy husband on Christmas morning...hehe
A squirrel outside my apt. window
Old pic of my nephew as a wee one all dressed up for church 🙂
A fountain full of bubbles! (Taken in the morning while riding around in Austin)

A Summer Morning

  by: Martha Lavinia Hoffman (1865-1900)


Welcome, glad morning, night’s sable curtain
Rolls from the valley and mountains away;
Bursts the great sun forth in glorious splendor,
Herald of morning and king of the day!

Far in the distance the brooklet is singing,
The honey-bee hums o’er the fair, fragrant flower,
High in the tree-tops sweet bird songs are ringing;
And far to the west the tall mountain peaks tower.

Up in the oak tree, canaries sing gaily,
Linnets perch, chirping, on trellis and wall;
Sweet, merry warblers, ye gladden me, daily,
As down from the tree-tops your merry notes fall.

Beautiful picture, mountain and green wood,
Clad in rich robes, like a fairy queen’s song,
Radiant Summer! to thy great storehouse
All of these beauties and wonders belong.

Hope you enjoyed my pictures and the poem! What’s your opinion of mornings? Do you

love or hate them? Both?


    1. Although I don’t much LIKE mornings, I AM appreciative of every morning that I DO see because it means I’m alive to see it. Thank God for AC’s because summer in Texas, it can be hard to breathe when you go outside. So hot and humid!


  1. Well, I already know we are night owls from the nights we stay up reading blogs… Oh but lately you switched gears right?
    I enjoy the mornings though it takes a bit to get me going… 🙂
    I have gifted three Blog Awards to You! Feel free to post them on your blog and share them.
    Have a Happy Summer! 😉


    1. I switched gears accidentally…and I still don’t like the mornings even if my body is seeing more of them lately!
      You’re only the 2nd person to give me an award since I started a blog on WordPress and 3 awards in one? WOW! I feel really honored!
      Hope you have a great summer as well!


  2. awww hubby is adorable. The squirrel too. You took amazing photo’s and it’s nice to get to know you. I hate AM and love PM.


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