Today my husband was reading friend’s statuses out loud to me and I was automatically able to tell him WHOSE status it was just by what it said. I then realized how funny it was that just by the tone of a certain statement or regular wording someone uses, you can indeed tell who said it.

There are certain people in my life that I can hear them walking and know it’s them. They can cough or sneeze a few aisles away in the store and I’m sure it’s them. You can become so used to a person that even small details about them become uniquely “them” in your mind. You can see or hear something and you think, “That’s so that person” or “That’s something they would say.”

Now I have certain friends and family where I can read their Facebook status and know who said it. Some of them are people I am really close to and some not as close but I’ve just become used to what kinds of things they seem to talk about a lot or the way they word their statements.  Isn’t it interesting how someone can become sort of known for a Facebook status the way people used to know them for their conversations in public or their demeanor?

I really appreciate when a person’s status is out of the norm and leaves me guessing at who said it. I like the reminder that even when you think you know a person, there can be some much more to them. Just as long as they’re not hiding a serial killer secret……

Do you have a person in your life that loves the word “nothing”?

My husband seems to LOVE that word. Me? Not so much. I have discussed my issues with that word with people before but it just never ceases to amaze me how many people like to overuse that word.

I like to ask my husband what he’s doing when I’m in one room and he’s in another one. His favorite reply is “Nothing.” This really screws with my head. I do not GET how a person could literally be doing nothing…..I mean, even if you’re sitting down, staring into space…aren’t you at least thinking? But I guess if he is doing something rather boring, he thinks saying nothing will somehow spice it up enough that I will be satisfied and move on. It never works though….I usually get frustrated and tell him so.

First of all, if you say “Nothing” really quick after I ask you….it just screams “I’m doing something inappropriate and I don’t want you to know!” Right?! It’s like…Why don’t you want to tell me what you’re doing?

Of course I KNOW sometimes he says it because he is just watching TV or playing on his phone and it’s just easier to simply say “nothing” and get the conversation over. But when you know that I’m going to get frustrated and ask what is this “nothing” you’re actually doing, why must you continue to do so when it’s actually going to prolong the discussion? I just don’t get it and I don’t think I ever will!

Does anyone else detest when people do this as much as I do? Or am I making too much of a thing out of literally…nothing?

(Side note to my blog: My nanny fell again last night and broke a bone in her neck as well as bruising her knee up bad and possibly breaking a bone in it. She is currently in the hospital with a neck brace and they are going to be keeping her for a few days, at least. Prayers, wishes and kind thoughts are greatly appreciated for my family. My mom has been through a lot these past few months and is finally getting around good without a walker or a cane. Now she is trying to help with her mom(my nanny) and make sure that everything is good with her. So my mom and nanny could definitely use prayers, good karma…whatever you personally believe in. Thanks so much to all my blog friends who I know will do so)


  1. I hope your grandmother gets the care she needs to recover quickly.
    And yes, nothing is a typical guy response, although women use it a lot to avoid conversations. I warn men to never push women to say what really bugs them when they say nothing, or they’ll be sorry!


    1. Thanks!
      Yes, very true….I think it’s more about the answer of “nothing” when you ask What are you doing?
      When you ask “What’s wrong?” and they say nothing…….that’s a little different. Why I say nothing, as most woman, it means their actually IS something wrong and I don’t feel like talking about it. With men, it usually seems to actually mean “nothing” is wrong. At least most of the time…


  2. Argh, WordPress had a hiccup and didn’t post my comment… I hope your grandmother gets the medical care she needs to recover promptly.
    As for the nothing comment, I hate it too but many people use it. You’re right, men sound so guilty of doing something they shouldn’t be doing (kids too). But when women say nothing is bugging them, don’t ask them what’s really going on, or you’ll regret it!


    1. Well…I got THIS comment anyways! Thanks for the well wishes!
      So true about the different meanings behind nothing…..When my husband asks me if something is wrong and I say “Nothing”, if he keeps asking me….not a good thing! LOL


  3. First – my prayers, healing vibes and whatever else I can think of to your mom and your nanny!

    As to Facebook statuses, I could probably do the same thing you did – have someone read me statuses and know who wrote them. I’m probably guilty of that predictability myself. I think I’m going to have to think about this some more 🙂

    I will say, occassionally I’ll read through my newsfeed rather quickly and attribute a status to wrong person and think, “that was really odd for so and so to say” – then have a “duh” moment when I realize who actually wrote it :p


    1. Thanks so much for all the good vibes sent out to my mom and Nanny! I appreciate it so, so much!

      I am also sure that I have predictable statuses as well. As a human being, I believe we all have some predictability as part of us. I just think it’s interesting what kinds of things people are known for in this day and age compared to what people were known for years ago.


  4. Prayers and blessing to your mom and nanny, Sharon… thinking of you all.
    I used to date someone back in the day who said/ used the word “nothing” a lot.
    This is a funny post and a reminder of that boyfriend from yonder…. 🙂


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