“4” candy canes find a place to hang from
My hubby's wrestling "222" shirt
My 6'1" hubby next to a statue of the tallest man
Folk Art Clock...with actual Chicken heads! yuck!
5 generations of family....my grandma, my mom, my oldest sister, my oldest niece and my oldest great nephew!

OK…so my photos don’t have many actual “numbers” in them…but they involve numbers! What do you think? Do you like the photos I chose this week?


  1. Hey Sharon thank you for letting us see the 5 generation photo and all the other ones. You have a nice family and a very TALL hubby. HI to him.


    1. You’re welcome. That’s just some of my family but I think it’s pretty cool that there’s 5 generations like that in part of our family.
      My husband is nowhere near as tall as that tallest man who was over 9 feet tall!


  2. I love your photos;especially your hubby next to the tallest man and your family shot with the ladies …
    Smart approach to the number challenge. 🙂


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