If there’s one thing I absolutely detest about summer in Texas, it’s the heat! Yesterday, I was out headed to a doctor’s check-up around 10 in the morning and I groaned in protest as I drove by a bank that broadcasted the current temp. as 98 degrees. UGH! It’s not even the hottest days yet either!

It doesn’t help that I have inherited this extra skin on me that acts as insulation. While some people rejoice as the temperature gets warmer, I walk around feeling like I’m trapped in a desert. It’s no wonder I prefer staying indoors with an AC a much as possible in the summer time. I hibernate just like a bear….a confused bear that mistook summer for winter, I suppose.

Is it only me that feels this way though? Am I the only one who feels that the increasing heat just sucks all the energy out of you and makes you feel like a zombie in search of brains…I mean, water?

Someone should really invent an invisible climate controlled bubble that you can wear around you where you can be comfortable while outside the bubble, the temperature remains the same. It would probably have an atrocious price tag, though….and I would be scraping together pennies to be able to afford it. Anything to be out and about in the Texas heat without having to suffer through it! Lord help me make it through this heat!


    1. Yea, it does that way to me too. I feel like I can always keep piling on clothes or blankets but you can keep removing stuff….once you get down to your skin and the temp. is over 100…..without some ac, there’s no relief!


  1. I’ll shamelessly admit that I’m cold most of the time, so I like the heat. But 98 degrees, maybe not so much. Especially in Texas when it’s usually so humid. 80, 85 max I could live with every day. Unfortunately summers in Southern California are a lot hotter than that but also very dry (oven like…). Keep cool inside.


    1. I hate how you can not only feel the heat during the summer here, but you can literally hear it and taste it. There’s just this buzz in the air when it’s over 100, like bacon sizzling on the concrete and you can taste the heat when you breathe. Yuck!


  2. I love the heat…yesterday I was in the pool for most of the day…I can’t swim when the temp is below 80 the air is too cold. So I’m all like bring it on summer. 😛


    1. Yea, well….being in the pool is ALMOST like being in the AC cause you are getting cooled off :p
      I hate going swimming at the apts. because I hate being seen in a bathing suit, therefore, my time out in the heat is walking to and from different places and walking around outside….so yuck….not very comfy….especially not with the heat wave….I’ll stay inside with the AC….
      It’s not below 80 degrees here much except for winter…..and it’s not even rare for it to hit 80 then as you know…LOL…which is why people can swim without a heated pool year round here!


  3. Or a personal portable AC that we can carry around with us… 🙂
    It has been quite hot here and every time I start to complain, I am reminded of the brutal winter we just had.
    My lips are sealed even as I sweat buckets. 🙂


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