I guess it looks funny for me to say I went on a Library date yesterday….especially when you realize that the date was primarily me and the books. I have a very deep love for books; to someone who is not a fan of books, it would probably seem very comical how much I love them. I have plenty of unread books around my house but every once in awhile, I just get this strong urge to go to library and pick out something completely new and different to read. And the fact that there’s a time limit in which to read them? It’s exciting to me! In school when you were assigned a book that was rather boring, time limits pressured you and brought you dread BUT with a library book that I really want to read? It ensures I will read it in the time allotted and it gives me this sort of freebie where I can say, “I got to read now, my book is due soon!”

Today I checked out 6 books from the library and put one on hold that they had new but hadn’t put on the shelves yet. All, except one were by authors I had never read anything by. I think it will be a fun change to read someone completely new to me and see what I think. The books I got were:

  1. The Lover’s Dictionary: A novel-David Levithan (7 day check-out)
  2. My Teenage Werewolf-Lauren Kessler(7 day)
  3. Burn-Ted Dekker & Erin Healey(7 day)
  4. The Unknown Terrorist-Richard Flanagan(3 week check-out)
  5. Step on a Crack-James Patterson(3 week)
  6. Girls: A Novel-Lori Lansens(3 week)
  7. Bossy Pants-Tina Fey(on hold)

So I have 3 books to read within 7 days…..PLUS the long anticipated Hit List by Laurell K. Hamilton that hits store this coming Tuesday because whatever I am reading, I will put down to read that first! I wonder if I will be able to finish everything in time, do you think I can do it?

After the library, me and my husband went out for lunch at Chili’s. It was special for us because we don’t have the money to go out at a nice restaurant that often so we decided to splurge. It was fun going on a date with my husband and the food was delicious. I had enough left over for supper too! Always nice when you can make two meals out of one, huh? 🙂

So I had a great day yesterday and now I’m off to read some more! Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!

What did YOU do this weekend?


  1. sounds like a fun weekend for you! I love getting books from the library. That way I’m not spending money on books and I don’t have to worry about packing them and moving them when I move 🙂


    1. Oh believe me…I have a weakness for buying books BUT I like getting deals….which is why I get books from places like Half Price books in Austin when I’m there, thrift stores, garage sales, and our library’s annual book sale. Every once in awhile I’ll pay regular price for a book if it’s a book I really want to read when it comes out and absolutely can’t wait…like the book coming out Tuesday! 🙂
      I still have a lot of my books at my parent’s house..and probably too many in my apt., I really need to go through them all and give some away or sell them…


  2. I love books and I like the idea of reading new authors… Like you, I have a few stashes of books I’m reading and when needed, I drop them for something special.
    Your weekend sounds quite charming. I ran a few errands, hung out with my kids and took a healing class… 🙂


    1. I was SO excited to get new books to read. I sat on the bed with my new library books, big smile on my face and went through how I found each book and what it was about and how excited I was to read it! I think my hubby thought it was hilarious…but cute. 🙂


  3. Bossy pants! I’ve requested it from the library weeks ago and I’m still waiting for it. I heard it’s just hilarious so the anticipation is building…

    I’m looking forward to hearing if any of these books are good.


    1. So far I have read “The Lover’s Dictionary” and it was pretty good. Definitely an easy, quick read. I’m currently reading ” My Teenage Werewolf” which is funny and insightful. It’s basically a mother writing about her teen daughter and her struggle to figure her out. Not something someone who isn’t a mother yet would usually read but I find it very interesting and I DO want kids so maybe I might learn something for the future?
      I can’t wait for Bossy Pants to be available…..They have it there…they just said they have to label it and everything…..wish they would hurry! LOL


  4. And by the way, I LOVE libraries. I’m usually there once or twice a week for me and my kids. I also love the bookstore. Even though I buy most of my books on Amazon, I like to browse for new book ideas at the bookstore.


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