This is just a post to share some of the photos I took when I was in Wales,UK on my 2001 Missions trip. I don’t have all the pictures on my computer yet so I will be adding pictures over time and I will let you know when I have uploaded all of them here. If you’re interested in the story behind my trip…how it came to be at 17 and the 3 part story of how it went, click the links!

Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3!

The view outside my leaky window
Cardiff Castle in Swansea, Wales
Another castle we saw that I forgot the name of!
Castle ruins
Cardiff Castle from the side
Drive by view of castle ruins
A beach?
A peacock on the castle lawn
A beautiful view!
Can't you almost hear the waves crashing against the shore?
The place where we got yummy, homemade bread!
An old Welsh home
And another old house we went inside...notice the small door frame!
Inside one of the many old Welsh houses....this photo was taken from someone not even 5'4" at the time
An old mile marker I saw in the Welsh village
Not sure what this was....
An interesting little store in the village
Yet another house...
A small section of the meeting or living room of the YMCA...the girl is the one friend I had in Wales
My very own private room!

I left out the photos with the whole group together because I didn’t figure those would be as interesting….and I left out some I took inside Cardiff Castle because I later found out you weren’t supposed to, uhoh! I still have the pictures but I don’t want to post them online and possibly get in trouble for posting pics of a place where I wasn’t supposed to have taken photos. Other than those pics, I posted pretty much ALL the ones I figured might be interesting to anyone other than myself. I hope that these photos will add to my 3 part Missions blog by letting you see what I saw. Sorry they’re not the BEST pics in the world!


    1. Thanks, they are really cute houses, aren’t they?
      After I did the posts about the trip, I thought about how I didn’t show any pictures from the trip and I figured people may enjoy seeing some of them. Glad to see you enjoyed them! 🙂


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