Is it just me or does it feel like the time since I started my daily blog posting has just flown by? I started on January 11th so June 11th will mark 5 months straight of  posting for me. I can’t believe it’s been that long…it seems like I just started yesterday.

I don’t know that my writing ability has changed much from start to now but I do know that I have grown more confident in my ability. I still struggle with procrastination in every area of my life but so far, posting every day has given me the belief in myself that I MIGHT be able to overcome it enough to finally take writing even further. Maybe I’m at the stage where I can actually start writing a book and complete it one day. I definitely don’t think it will be easy because my inspiration comes and goes but I’ve learned that if I work at it, a little at a time, I can find the will power inside myself to get it done. Doing THIS for almost 5 months straight now is proving that to me.

I know I’m not the only that has accomplished this so far. All the others still in the “game” have an amazing ability to stick with it without giving up. It’s not easy at all! BUT there are some that haven’t made it this far, so I feel proud to be one of the ones that has…..and there’s still over 7 months to go, so perseverance must continue.

Is it wrong of me to be absolutely convinced that I WILL make it the year? Or even further if I decide to? I never used to believe in myself so strongly with anything else in life, but I find myself with no doubts of my ability to finish THIS out. A procrastinator who has overcome in one area of her life, perhaps? Is that possible? And if so, could I change it in other areas, maybe all? Or is that too much to ask?

I do feel this post lacks so much compared to yesterday’s post. But then again, when I wrote it, I didn’t see it as anything great or anything remarkable at all. To me, it was just thoughts that had run through my head recently put down on paper as if I was writing in a diary. I guess my blog has sort of become my diary…..although I have chosen to make my diary incredibly public for everyone else to look upon and either frown in disgust at me or smile and recognize something that relates to them.

The problem comes when I write something I don’t see as being very good at all and suddenly, I get responses that it’s something really good, in their opinions. I am in then, in shock, wondering HOW did I make that piece so good and HOW do I do it again? How do I perform magic again? For that is what it is to me…..Writing something that others find great seems like I performed a magic spell unawares and I am left with wondering what words did I say to make them think so? How do I achieve this greatness again?

I almost feel like a phony the next day because I have no idea how to do it again! Is there some magic dust I can sprinkle on my post? Do I have a magic wand in my closet that I can wave around and change my post into something more than what I see it as now? I don’t know how to press repeat on this player…..because the button seems to have broke. Oh, magic writing ability, how can you come and go like this without a warning?!

So you see…I give up on making today’s post be a match of yesterday’s…and I definitely don’t intend to even attempt making it better. Instead I will settle for again putting what’s in my thoughts into this computer and pray that people will at least think it mediocre enough to read and not just nod off after the first sentence. I suspect eventually I will write another post that’s great some day…..probably when I least expect to, for that seems to be the norm. But until then, please forgive my posts that are not as great.


  1. I can relate to pretty much everything you wrote here Sharon, congrats on sticking with the blog for so long! I can’t believe I’ve stuck with my mine for nearly 6 months too, I’m surprised I have gone as long as I have. I hope to make it to a year too like you are hoping! I’m not sure what makes one post more popular than others, sometimes the ones I don’t expect much of a response out of are the ones I get the most responses out of, and other ones that I think I will get a lot of responses I don’t. I guess it just depends! Asking questions seems to help get more comments too.


    1. Yeah, that’s what I’ve heard and I plan to ask more questions when I feel the need or interest to hear more responses! Thanks and Congrats to you too! I’ve been reading your posts and can tell you have come a long way in your shyness project, way to go and keep up the good work!


  2. Keep it up and thanks for your comment on Keep or Pitch. For some reason it went into the Spam but I found it and now it is up.
    Thanks for stopping by and seeing what I am going to throw away/donate.
    Your posts are just fine.


    1. You’re welcome! I think I’m a bit of a pack rat so it’s hard for me to tell you to pitch things much. I seem to always find a reason to keep things…I suppose I get it from my dad!
      I love seeing what you have on your blog daily… many neat things and I find it hard to say pitch even when you don’t necessarily want the object…I’m always thinking well, maybe someone else would like it out there? One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, right?
      Thanks for reading my blog! 🙂


  3. You know what would make a great post? Another of your rap songs / poems! I really enjoyed the last one. Or new song lyrics. That’s when we can see what a great writer you are. But I like this kind of post too, so don’t feel pressured!


  4. Congrats to 5 months!
    I don’t post everyday…but I really admire those that do and “will” them to keep going. The postaday/week challenge has also motivated us to get off our butts and interact with bloggers we would never have found. IT’s been great!


    1. Yep, before the Post a Day, the only people reading my blog were a couple friends and family members…I was kind of clueless on how to use WordPress much, didn’t know all the rules and etiquette and didn’t even know how to go about finding other blogs that spoke to me and commenting on them. After I started it and got some comments, I finally figured out how to look at THEIR blogs too and now I have a bunch of blogs I follow and more people that follow me! 🙂


  5. This has been an amazing experience for me too… You are doing great and yes, we all feel like you described sometimes… Comes with the territory I suppose. 🙂


  6. It is fun to blog and to keep up with it on a regular basis. I am proud of all of us whom have stuck it out. We all have come such a long way, i think.


  7. I began my blog trying to see if I could make it for a year. Time does go by faster when you have a blog. Even faster than knowing you have to go to work each day.

    Five months is great and before you know it your year will have come and gone and you will be working on your second year. I wish you the best and I appreciate your visits and comments. Randy and Ryan are great choices by the way.


    1. That’s so amazing that you have been blogging for so long, you’re an inspiration for me to make it too! 🙂
      Thanks so much for visiting my blog as well…I try to comment whenever I feel I have something interesting to say…sometimes I feel like I don’t have anything worthwhile to say. 😦
      LOL about the Randy and Ryan….it took me a few minutes to figure out what you meant…..I totally forgot about that!


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