While you’re at home relaxing and possibly enjoying a 3 day weekend, there are soldiers not so fortunate to have a day off. Soldiers all over dealing with unbelievable temperatures and situations, risking their life so you can have the freedom to have holidays. While your husband or wife may be at home beside you tonight, there are many husbands and wives that aren’t so blessed. Some women are at home this weekend, maybe even with children, dreaming of their husband who is off at war, praying every moment of every day that he returns safely. The 3 day weekend for them is just another reminder of what their spouse has chosen to do for HIS job. While others are stuck in their 9 to 5 routines that cause them pain and grief, it’s nothing compared to what the soldiers are faced with each and every day that they are off at war. Most people don’t fear for their lives each and every moment of the day, but then again most people aren’t in the line of fire so much as a soldier is.

I have a friend who is a war vet. He chooses to spend this day indoors, going nowhere and basically in a mourning state. This day reminds him of all the friends he has lost, of all the things he has seen that will never be erased from his memory. What he has seen is more horrific than what you see in movies and is, of course, very real. This day for him is more of what Memorial Day was meant to be. A day of remembrance for all the ones who gave their lives for our freedom. For him, it’s even more because he has been there. For him, it’s also a day of grieving over the past loss.

There are others this Memorial Day weekend who are treating it like any other holiday. They will have parties and possibly get drunk and enjoy their 3 days off. For people like my friend, the war vet, this sort of thing is a type of blasphemy. It spits in his face and those of his friends who died in war. To him and many others, celebrating Memorial Day as if it’s some party holiday is hurtful and demeaning. I can understand his pain, too.

I have a niece who was recently married to a marine. He is off in Afghanistan….19 years old and fighting for our country. Today he will not be able to kick back, get drunk and party. Those activities are the furthest things from his mind. I doubt my niece will be able to either. I imagine her husband is in the forefront of her mind today even more so than usual…if that’s possible.

Today, I am writing this post with an utmost respect for all those who have ever fought for our country and are still fighting….and also to those who WILL fight in the future. The only reason I am allowed the ability to blog is because of you. Me and all other bloggers can daily lay out our thoughts, our opinions and our hearts without fearing that what we say will lead to our deaths. It is only because of you that we have that freedom. A lot of people want to bash war and fighting and that is your right as an American. But just remember that the only reason you are able to do so without fear of arrest or death is due to the very thing you are bashing. It’s due to thousands and thousands of soldiers who have fought for your rights, day in and day out, in horrific conditions.

YOU have the right to spend Memorial Day however you see fit. You have this right BECAUSE of the ones that Memorial Day stands for. So how did you spend your day so far and how will you spend the rest of the day?


  1. Sharon, you need to write books! Your expressive writing and personal touch make my day. I would buy any book you would write, have you thought about writing a book? I have to say this is your best writing also. ♥


    1. Awwww…..That’s the sweetest thing ever for you to say! Just making someone’s day is enough for me. I have thought about it but as yet, I haven’t thought I would have the patience enough to do so. Every day that I continue this daily post thing gives me hope that maybe I could….Thanks so much for your sweet comments! 🙂


  2. You’re right. Today, the whole weekend more than ever. Which is hard because he is all thats ever on my mind. What I do is nothing compared to what my husband does or any of the other soldiers. I love a soldier and stick my him through anything but I’m safe out of harms way. I married my hero….that’s what the soldiers are hero’s real life superheros.they don’t need any super power just a strong will and a whole lot of courage.


    1. Yep, I’m glad you got to read this post. I have so much respect and admiration for your husband and all the others out there fighting. Your hubby is especially in my prayers continually. I pray that time flies and he is back home with you, safe and happy. Sending virtual hugs to you right now! I love you! 🙂


  3. Sharon you are so welcome, others need to see your writings. I paid 7.95 and turned my blog into a book…it was online. I just wanted the memories for me and my daughter as this is my first Challenge…to post a day. Now that I am off work I can write more and that I am so happy about. But what I hope to do is read my blog in a book form and some how create my first real book and publish it. I want that same thing for you, but know your writing is much better than mine! See, you can teach me and others how to write in a e book and I would buy it. You inspire me with all that you have gone through in your life and I thought I had it hard, but not as hard as you. So keep up the great writings as you are my friend for life.


    1. I don’t know about that so much….A lot of what you have gone through in life with losing your home and everything…I couldn’t imagine what that is like. I think everyone just has different experiences that they can share with others….All things are hard for THAT person because it’s real for THEM and THEY are going through it at that time. I don’t consider the hard times in my own life any harder than any one else’s, in fact, I think a lot of people have been through much, much worse. I simply allow myself the ability to FEEL what I am feeling at the time….because while others might have it worse at the time, the pain YOU might be feeling right now is REAL for you and still hard for you. I think it’s trying to keep a happy medium….respecting your own hardships and grieving over them while not letting them consume you…..while also realizing other’s pains and feeling sympathy for them and yet, not letting yourself feel guilty when you start to think you are wrong for feeling bad about your own pain when there might be worse out there. This is something I personally struggle with constantly…..


  4. “This day for him is more of what Memorial Day was meant to be. A day of remembrance for all the ones who gave their lives for our freedom.” I am with you on this subject as it is what we should focus on and the fact that war is never pretty…It is a day of remembrance and reflection. Thank you for this post.


  5. Thank you for putting so elequently what I was feeling yesterday. I actually posted as my Facebook status yesterday morning, “I wonder how the soldiers we’re supposed to be honoring today would feel about all the pool parties, block parties and barbeques.” . . . I wanted to write about this, but wasn’t sure exactly what to day, and I don’t want to put words in the mouths of others. Thank you for sharing not only your thoughts, but your friend’s as well.


    1. You’re welcome. I felt very strongly led to write this piece yesterday. I wasn’t sure why because I almost didn’t but something told me to so I did. Having a family member who is newly married to a Marine puts things in perspective so much more than ever for me and I am starting to see things in different ways. I am utterly shocked how much WE can have in common while still having some different beliefs at the same time….My world is expanding so much through the blogosphere!


      1. Mine too! I love that I’ve connected with people that are so seemingly different, but who I can still relate to on many levels! . . . With the exception of religious beliefs, I don’t think I’ve read one thing of yours that I didn’t agree with . . . and even on the aspect of religious beliefs, I agree completely with your openness and non-judgementalness (I don’t care if I just made up a word – it’s almost 2am!)


      2. Ah, so you live in the same time zone as my family in Indiana…it’s close to 1 here. And go ahead and make up words…Wasn’t every word at one time a NEW, made up word? 🙂


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