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Fear itself.

I don’t know anyone that ONLY fears that, though. The world is full of people with many fears and some that claim to not have any fears at all but are quickly proven liars, because we all fear something….

One of my subscribed blogs is from a girl who does a Challenge a Day and she recently asked about 5 things that you’re afraid of and posted her own list today. I’m going to follow her lead and say what 5 of my greatest fears are.

  1. My biggest fear is dying alone. By that, I don’t mean dying without anyone who loves me, because I have tons of friends and family that do indeed love me. I mean, being in a situation ALONE and dying without anyone by my side. I’ve never had a fear of flying but the 2 times in my life I flew ALONE, I was incredibly nervous…..if something had happened to the plane, I was totally alone without anyone I loved with me…..not that I would want someone I love to die WITH me….but if I had to be in a situation like on a crashing plane….I would at least like for someone I love to be the last person I see and be beside me, you know?
  2. I fear losing people I love…I’m sure this is a fear I share with many people. I know this is a fear that I will inevitably face one day and I hate that…I hate the idea that someone I love is going to die and I will have to say goodbye to them. BUT I thank God that I will be able to see them again one day. Knowing that the goodbye is not forever makes the fear a little better.
  3. Roaches…need I say more? They are gross and disgusting…especially the really big ones. I will literally freak out and start crying if I see one! EWW!
  4. I fear falling and breaking bones…primarily in my legs or feet. This has been a fear since I fell back in 2003 and broke my fibula. Stairs are the main scare here….since that’s what I fell down.
  5. I fear my weight will keep me from having kids. It’s been my dream for many years to be a mother and I know weight can be an issue to having kids. It inspires me to see people prove that it can still be done but I have to be honest and say this is a fear for me.

So I told you my biggest fears. What are some of your fears?

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