Having problems leaving comments :(

I have left comments on several blogs yesterday and today…and none of them are showing up. It’s very aggravating when I leave a comment for someone and WordPress fails to show them! 😦

I’m sorry if people are wondering why I’m not leaving comments cause I am..they are just not showing up! Not sure what the problem is!

Update 5/26-STILL can’t leave comments, ugh! I have left a message with WordPress support and am impatiently awaiting a response and a change! So sorry I can’t comment on anyone’s posts…this is driving me crazy because I want to so bad!

10 thoughts on “Having problems leaving comments :(”

    1. Yea…the past 5 or 6 posts I just commented on aren’t showing the comments I left…which makes me not want to read anymore tonight until I CAN comment….:(
      But then I’ll be super behind on my friend’s posts, ugh!

  1. Sharon,
    Reach out to Support at WP when these issues arise. They respond and correct problems very quickly…. Stuff happens. 😦

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