Well....I got on WordPress with not much time left in the day and I thought about
doing some quizzes online and posting the results...just something quick
and easy for a post.
My plans didn't work out so good and now I'm afraid I don't have enough
time left to really do a well thought out post so...Sorry for my post for today
being rather dull and I promise tomorrow's will be better.


    1. Well…I was actually trying to find some fun quizzes online and then post the results…..the problem was in the time I had, I wasn’t able to find any I really liked…most of them were kind of directed at teens in high school….still trying to find one that asks questions more basic for anyone or tailored more towards women over 18 LOL


  1. Have you committed to a post a day for the whole year? I can’t even imagine! I’m doing a blogathon with a post a day for the month of May (hey that rhymed :p) and it’s driving me bonkers!!

    P.S. I have you mission trip blogs pulled up, but I haven’t spent more than 15 minutes at the computer in a sitting for the past 2 days (really crappy attention span lately), and I want to give them the proper attention, but I will get to them and I’m looking forward to reading them!

    P.P.S. Please excuse the massive run-on sentence – I’ve been up all night 🙂


    1. It’s OK…I’m bad about doing ridiculously long sentences myself!
      Yes, I’ve been doing a Post a day everyday since January 11th and I plan to keep going until January 11th, 2012…maybe even longer! I’m a big procrastinator so I challenged myself to do this and so far, I’m doing way better than I ever would have thought! I have days every once in awhile where I don’t have much to say but for the most part, something eventually comes up in my head to talk about.


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