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My husband informed me a few days ago about some guy predicting the end of the world today. I laughed at this prediction and don’t believe this anymore than I believed 2000 would be the end or that I believe 2012 will bring the end. Admittedly, my Christian beliefs HAVE taught me that these predictions have no merit whatsoever but common sense also tells me that this has no basis in fact either. Well and the fact that this same guy apparently said the world was going to end back in ’93 or ’94 also gives me reason to laugh.

Just my personal belief that no one is going to predict the exact time the world will end, but it’s not just me that feels this way. I asked my friend Tara as we walked into the movies to see Pirates of the Caribbean if she had heard of this world ending proclamation. She very sarcastically answered with a “I had heard that”….obviously she gives this possibility as much probability as I do. Which is none whatsoever.

If YOU believe the world is going to end today, fine by me and I guess I will be proved wrong. It would be a shame though because I just discovered there is going to be yet another Pirates movie and well……talk about a “To be continued” that is never finished. It would be like ALL the shows I watched religiously and fell in love with, only to find out that apparently I was among the very few actually interested in the show and BOOM, the network canceled it. Thanks…almost puts me off the idea of getting interested in anything new. Just when it’s getting all exciting and there’s a huge cliffhanger and you find out, there will be no resolution to that cliffhanger because there is no more show…no more writing… I am left forced to use my imagination to make an ending for the show. Maybe I didn’t want to think that hard…Did it ever occur to the networks that maybe they could give the loyal few SOME kind of ending instead of torturing us over and over?

After having this happen to me countless of times, I have just come to the sad conclusion that I must be odd and one of the unique people who like shows that no one else seems to like….What a pity!

Has this ever happened to you? And what are your opinions of the world ending today? Do you think it will, do you even care?

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