Here are my photos of RED for this week. 🙂

My second oldest sister and her son(my nephew)

I took this one holiday outside of Wal-mart. Pooh has a bright red shirt…and so do my sister and nephew! In fact, my sister and nephew’s shirts look a lot alike here, which I think is cute and I know they are not just red but close enough!

Blurry pic of RED at one of my niece's graduations
A heart shaped cherry in my drink on my 27th birthday
Young Love...Me and my hubby both in red during our dating days
Shrunken head at Ripley's Believe it or not....with a red light on it
My husband 2 Easters handsome in that maroon shirt!

I had more pictures than I thought I would…of course my pictures have more to do with people. I’m not a big outdoorsy person so I don’t have much nature type pictures and I don’t vacation that much and when I do, I tend to take more pictures of people than landmarks, so sorry….hope you enjoy my pics anyways! 🙂


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