Is there such a thing out there? If not, maybe I should be the founder and invent one! Once again, I am awake at the crack of dawn and stumped as to the reason behind it. I told myself I was going to sleep much earlier, I really did, but then the hours started to tick faster and faster by…..The next thing you know the sun will be rising and when do you think I will become sleepy? That’s right, you guessed it, after the sun makes its appearance.

It’s almost like I have to see the sun rise from the….East, West? Someone help me here…. It’s like when there’s a special visitor coming to your house that you’re anxious to see and you can’t sleep until you see them. Then once you see them, the sandman attacks! Works like a charm every time…Maybe I could get a patent to invite a virtual sun rise in my room. I wonder if my brain would be fooled by that?

I swear I’m not a vampire. I did always have an interest in them as a kid, but I blame that on all those horror movies and the Buffy the Vampire slayer series. There was just something strangely alluring about these creatures of the night even though at the same time, you know they were going to suck all your life blood out of you and probably leave you to rot. Not that the alternative of being a blood sucker myself would be a thing to hope for….but there was something interesting about them. OK,OK….I’ll admit that in second grade I had fang teeth. True story….if I had a picture close by I would upload to show it. My two front teeth came in pointy and I had to get them removed. Then when they removed those, they found extras below and removed those too. Now I just have plain human teeth BUT I have extra permanent teeth under my two front teeth. You know, just in case, someone knocked my two front teeth out in a boxing match….one I didn’t enter because I’m not into that.

You know…I am pretty pale skinned too….but I mean, I have a little Irish in my blood somewhere so surely that’s the reason. And I’m a night owl….but I swear that’s where my likeness to a vampire ceases to continue. I’ve never had even one iota of an interest in blood. Nope, so it’s official….that’s not my reasoning.

So why does my body love night so much? Ugh! It’s frustrating….I’ll even stay up all day after being up all night to try to make myself soooo tired that my sleep schedule will go back to being a normal human’s that doesn’t work a night shift, that is. On the few times that I have actually succeeded to make it to the next night without even one wink of sleep, I am again so completely alert by that time that sleep is not even an option. Sleep has now become a torture device. Seriously….it’s like laying in bed, tossing and turning and trying to get myself to fall asleep and my body is in refusal mode. Like a magic switch inside me that says, nope, don’t even think about it. Night is awake time…..

Do you see now why I really need to start a Night Owls Anonymous? Surely I can’t be the only one suffering with this severe case of Dark means wakefulness and Light means La La Land….I guess it could be a side effect of the medicine. I mean, many medicines cause insomnia but I’ve never heard of night insomnia only….cause once the sun appears, I could sleep through anything. Such as a thunderstorm, hurricane, tornado…possibly even that recent lightning strike 5 feet close to me…..I’m not joking. I’m a very sound sleeper.

Oh well, maybe one of these days I will figure out the answer. I think I sense the sun’s visit coming up within the next hour, so I guess this whole post will be a dream by then.

P.S. This is random night owl dribble laid out in this post…..I never really entertained the thought of being a vampire….really…..I never did….so stop giving me that disturbed look like I need to see a psych. :p


    1. Glad to know I’m not the only one…although that’s got to suck for you since you have a kid.
      That COULD be it but I never had a problem as a kid really….my mom never gave me a specific bedtime but I knew that if I didn’t get enough sleep, I would feel horrible the next day so I would always go to bed at early. Even in college, I went to bed at a decent hour most of the time and had no problem sleeping at night. I’ve never been a morning person though and I always feel tired during the day….just hardly ever at night anymore. I might have knocked my cycle out of whack so bad that I confused my body as much as it confuses me!


      1. Unfortunately I think you have to go to bed and get up at the same time every day/night, no matter what happens in between until you reset your clock. No nap, and no super exciting activities if you wake up during the night to keep you awake. I think blogging would be out, reading in…

        Or you could just borrow a friend’s kids for a few hours. They’ll poop you out and you’ll sleep great!


      2. Reading is pretty darn exciting…In fact, that’s actually what I do at night until I get sleepy LOL
        Which sometimes it works on getting me sleepier sooner but most of the time, I’ll be so into the book that the sun has snuck up and I didn’t even notice!


      3. I should actually try the kid thing….the times I HAVE been around kids, I HAVE noticed they have that tendency…I remember working at a preschool and how tired I would get….it was HARD not to fall asleep at naptime when you’re trying to get the kiddos asleep! So dark in the room, nice comfy temperature and slow lullaby music….as soon as they were asleep, I had to keep myself busy cutting out things for lesson plans just so I wouldn’t nod off!


  1. I can definitely relate! I read a post from Don Miller, one of my favorite authors, on this subject. He said he woke up & decided to start writing on his current book. By the time he had fallen back asleep, two chapters were done! I need to use my time more wisely. : )


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