It’s been a long time since I have sat down and tried to write a poem, although I used to write them a lot when I was younger. I had the spur of the moment idea to write a poem completely off the top of my head, right now, with no preparation…just for fun and to see what comes of it. Not sure if it’s going to be any good or not, but it was just an idea I had. So here goes nothing!

30 minutes-by Sharon Hughes

I’ve got 30 minutes to write this rhyme,

If I go over then I’m out of time,

Doesn’t seem enough to express my thoughts,

But then again maybe it’s too much time.

It takes one minute to show an expression on your face,

Only takes one minute for it to be erased.

Which emotion will I show to the world today?

If I show the wrong one, will you walk away?

Cause I seem to be too absorbed with the way you see me,

I seem to care too much about the way I’m viewed,

Perception’s different for each person,

I can never be 100% of the same day to day

One person can see my face and think I’m mad

While the other one sees happiness and I may be sad,

It’s hard to convey my feelings just by my outer appearance,

You can’t judge a book by its cover, there’s no adherence

To what rules must I follow? what side should I cling to?

I can’t just always be what you want me to


What I am is not a feeling, not a positive or negative

reaction or expression, not a facial movement

that I can put on or take off however it suits you,

I can’t fit a mold that makes everyone happy,

I can’t be here and there and everywhere

What you want from me is an impossibility.

Now I’m down to half the time I started with,

Still haven’t begun to tell you fully

How I’m tired of  always trying to fit in

In this world I live in,

It seems to be something I can never get away from.

I want to go back and tell the younger me

That it’s OK to cry,

There’s nothing wrong with being you,

You’re perfect just the way you are,

Don’t waste your time trying to be

Something that you’re not,

The popular crowd’s not worth your time,

You’ll never fit in there cause you’re meant for something more.

You’re MORE than what they can conceive of,

There’s just too dumb to truly see 

The one they see’s not really me,

The girl inside’s everything they’ll never 


I’ve got 5 minutes left to tell my tale,

Running out of time but I’m still here,

I’ve got to show the world I’ve got what it takes,

I’m not like you, I can’t be fake,

So look at my face and take whatever you choose,

Happy, sad, mad or angry, use me for your muse,

Or however you will, it’s all fine by me,

Cause in the end the only one I need to please is me.

30 minutes I started with,

Now it’s over and done,

But my journey has just begun.

All I know is that what everyone else thinks

Is not what I must focus on

All I want for me is what I’m meant to



  1. Hey this is really the best poem writing I have ever read when it comes to emotions, feelings, thoughts and Just Being YOU, loved it Sharon. Maybe you should publish it ?


    1. Awww, that’s so sweet! 🙂
      Thanks for being so nice! I don’t know how to publish poems….I tried to publish a very short one to one of those mailing list thingies when I was little and they picked it to be in some kind of book but you had to pay a fee, so I said forget it….I’ve never tried to since then.


    1. My husband told me it sounded like a rap….I got a good laugh out of that! I couldn’t see myself rapping but sometimes I think of a poem as a rap in a way when I am thinking of writing one.
      Thanks for the compliment! Maybe I will try to write poems more often!


  2. Funny what your husband said about your poem sounding like rap. It does have a nice rhythm to it, I think that’s why. Well, maybe not a rap song, but I really see some good music to go with your lyrics to tell a personal story.


    1. That’s why I originally did poems when I was younger…to turn into songs…because I’ve always loved singing and wanted to be a singer. That could be why it turns up that way…


  3. Daaaaaaang, this is amazing! I can’t believe you wrote this in 30 minutes!! I wish I could write poems as well as you. I loved what you said in the poem, wow, I want to save this and reread it again and again! Amazing! Seriously!


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