If you’re reading this before the first part, you may want to go back and read the first part of my Honeymoon gone wrong, also lovingly known as The week I got banned from Motel 6.

The rest of my Honeymoon may not seem as exciting as the first part but it was definitely interesting, to say the least. The first night in San Antonio, I laid in bed for hours unable to sleep as my sick husband snored his head off beside me. It wasn’t his snoring keeping me awake because snoring doesn’t really bother me. It also wasn’t a case of insomnia because I was incredibly tired and wanted sleep so bad. The problem was my body refused to LET me sleep. Every time I would get still enough to fall asleep, it seemed a minute later, my body would jerk and jump and wake me back up. I could feel my pulse racing and it was almost like restless leg syndrome, except all over, not just my legs. It scared me because I had never experienced it before but I also felt like it could be from stress. To say I had experienced a lot of stress in a short time was not an understatement. I eventually ended up calling my mom and telling her what was going on. I think she was kind of freaked out when I told her what was happening and was on the verge of making Chad take me to a hospital if it didn’t stop. After her advice of taking a warm shower to rest my nerves, I laid down and fell asleep quickly. Moms do sometimes know best, huh?

The next day was rather a lazy day…my hubby was still sick and I was having sinus headaches and losing my voice. In fact, that next day was ending up rather normal until I decided to take some Advil for my head. I had made the mistake of leaving the medicine in the car and it had melted and then stuck together. I broke apart a chunk of 3 Advil to take but couldn’t separate the 3 any further. No problem, I can swallow those giant “horse” pills easy so I figured there wouldn’t be an issue. But then they made it about halfway down my throat and…got stuck. I stood up and tried to straighten my neck and push the pills from outside my throat with my fingers  to coax them down but they just were not having it. I could feel my air being blocked off and I couldn’t get myself to gulp or swallow anymore. My husband was across the room and noticed me struggling. Within a split second, he was doing the Heimlich Maneuver and out came the Advil. Afterwards, I started crying when I realized what just happened and I was just completely overcome with emotions. My new husband, not even 3 days in, had just literally saved my life!

I was very proud of him at that moment and I still AM when looking back on it. How many people can say they had a near death experience on their honeymoon and their new husband saved their life?

After that moment of our honeymoon, everything else paled in comparison. We obviously didn’t get to go to as many places as we would have liked due to money issues and we spent a lot more time being lazy than probably exploring San Antonio due to illness, but we had fun, nevertheless.

We also had our “Old married couple” moments too….there were a lot of little fights over directions and how we should spend the money, but looking back I am also proud that we made it through such difficult times as newlyweds. I see a lot of couples now that I don’t think would have made it through some of the things we have been through.

It was also a honeymoon full of being really sick and then feeling better, getting lost more than once and then finding our way back, both on the road and our way to each other. It was a crash course of budgeting for our new life together and a test to see whether we could do it or not. A near death experience that brought us closer to each other than before. Tied in to everything, a funny inside joke that tied our motel and hotel rooms together. At Days Inn, we had a toilet that never stopped running…but at least it flushed and we even gave the toilet a pet name and told it repeatedly to hush when it would start running. Hey, you got to laugh about something when things aren’t going perfect, huh?

The day before we headed back to the “real world”, we took a drive through “Devil’s Backbone”. While we were stopped at a small picnic area taking pictures and just admiring the view, this older couple stopped to do the same. They held each other’s hands as they crossed the road and went over close to us to take in the view. Noticing our car, they asked us if we were newlyweds, which we replied that we were indeed. They then offered us congratulations and I couldn’t help but smile as I saw how much in love this older couple still seemed to be. It was a great moment as our honeymoon was close to the finish. That scenic drive was my favorite part of our honeymoon. Other than using gas to drive it, it was 100% free!  But just driving along with my new husband, chatting away and enjoying the view….it was such a quiet, special, private moment for both of us. One that I am sure we will both treasure as well.

As we headed home on the final day of our honeymoon, I was feeling better but ready to start our new life together. Our honeymoon definitely had some not so glamorous moments but it’s nice to be able to laugh about the bad parts now that they are in the past. The negative aspects have all become a thing to joke about and a funny story to tell people and hopefully even our kids someday. We spoke our vows of “For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, In sickness and in health” and shortly after, we got tested on how serious we truly took those vows. While I definitely didn’t enjoy the hard times in the least, I can be grateful looking back on them because it proved to me not only how much I loved my new husband and how seriously I took my vows but it also proved to me the same about him. Our honeymoon was this great big test of our relationship and it may have been rough sailing, but I think we ended up passing in the long run. 🙂


  1. What a challenging way to start but the good thing is you got to experience some the tough parts which tested your love for each other… 🙂


  2. Sounds like you had a wild and wooly honeymoon! But it also sounds like it was some great bonding time for you and your new hubby! And glad to hear that after two years you are still going strong!!!


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