A Leopard at the Indianapolis Zoo

If this didn’t have the glare from the glass, you could almost believe I was in the wild with the leopard, huh? I think I was grateful for that glass though…cause it was really close!

And now for a giraffe!

The giraffe was only separated by some wires but I don’t think the zoo keepers would have taken too kindly to anyone trying to pet the giraffe!

A polar bear enjoying a swim!

Not the best picture but this was taken before I owned a digital camera! This Polar Bear was huge, though! I didn’t realize they WERE so big until I saw one this close….Not sure who the guy caught in my picture is, but if you notice, his head is about the size of this bear’s one paw!

For the last picture, I’m poking a little fun at the term wildlife…at first I considered putting a picture of my husband because sometimes men can seem like wildlife…LOL…but instead I thought I would include this other form of wildlife now extinct….

A moving, roaring statue of a T-Rex!

Thank God dinosaurs ARE extinct because when I saw this thing open its mouth and roar outside of Ripley’s in San Antonio, Texas….I was extremely thankful it was not real! I thought this pic would be a fun twist on the wildlife theme, though. Hope you enjoyed!


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