I doubt there are any words or quotes I could put that will not be already said by someone, somewhere today. Mothers are truly a gift from God and they never seem to get enough credit. I’m saying this from a daughter’s perspective because I have never experienced being a mom for myself. All I have to go by is through seeing my Mom and other Moms. And what do I see from them? I see someone who does one of the hardest jobs ever and the most important and never gets paid. Not that mothers want to get paid for the job but I DO think they appreciate their children and spouses acknowledging them every once in awhile by just a simple Thank you for what you do or a hug or an I love you. I think every hard working mom deserves a big thank you and on Mother’s Day, they deserve to be pampered!

My mom is in the hospital for her Mother’s Day…not the place any Mom dreams of spending this day but nevertheless, this is where she will be. She’s not in pain, unless you consider boredom a pain, which it can feel like it at times….but the doctor has decided for her to stay there until the day AFTER Mother’s Day. So I will be going up to the hospital for awhile today to see her, tell her Happy Mother’s Day and give her a small gift. My brother will probably be with his wife and in laws the whole day so I don’t see them visiting her and my two oldest sisters live too far away to come see her.

I love my mom. I think she is like Super Mom or something. She’s one of the moms who would do without everything to make sure her kids (no matter their age) never have to go without anything. She carries the weight of the world on her shoulders and has passed an emotional character on to me as well. She can’t bear to see me or any of her other kids cry at all without tearing up herself and I, likewise, can’t stand to see her cry without doing so. I have a very strong bond with my mom, being the baby of the family. I think my siblings felt a lot of times like my mom showed favoritism towards me because I was the baby. I remember them saying “You didn’t do that for me” or “You wouldn’t have let me do that”. Maybe they were right….but a lot changed since they were babies. My two sisters were born in the 60’s when my mom was younger than I am now. Then my brother came along in ’73 and shortly after was diagnosed as being deaf. So my parents moved to the capitol of Texas to be near a deaf school. My brother definitely was spoiled a lot, but he had difficulties that my two sisters did not have.

In 83, my brother was 10 years old, my 2nd youngest sister was 16 and close to the end of high school and my oldest sister was 20 and getting married. My mom was 40 years old, had no plans of having any more children and all of a sudden, I came along. So at my oldest sister’s wedding, my mom was pregnant with the new baby. Β Pretty funny…I think….

My mom called me her little surprise and I bet I WAS. I’m sure she didn’t have much baby stuff left around. It had been 10 years since she had a baby and she was 40 in 1983. Women that age in the 80’s just didn’t get pregnant as much. Not that it was harder but just that there was a fear of the child having birth defects when the mom was older. The doctor even told her I might have problems if she had me, but my mom didn’t care. I was born with no problems other than my right hip was turned out a little. I was always told my dad’s mom had the same problem.

Anyways, I was the baby of the family in a different time and to much older, more experienced parents so I’m sure I benefited more so than my siblings. I never saw myself as a favorite or anything though, if anything, I felt more like my sisters in that my brother was spoiled. I saw a hard working mother, though. My mom started working at my Christian school as a kindergarten teacher to help pay private school costs. She was a great teacher too…I’ve always admired my mom’s teaching skills. After that, she taught at a daycare until we moved in ’95 to be closer to HER mother. Another great woman in my opinion. But of course one great woman created another one when she had my mom long ago.

My mom’s always been there for me. We would go shopping, out to eat and to the movies like friends all the time. She didn’t try to be my best friend though, she was always my mom, but it was clear she liked to spend time with me and I, in return, wanted to do the same. I noticed other kids that didn’t do that and always felt extremely lucky to have a mom that wanted to spend time with me. When I became an adult and started college, my mom never pressured me to get a job too. She understood that I needed time to study and didn’t want anything taking away from that. She never tried to push me from the nest and get me to go out on my own and have a roommate. In fact, I always felt like that was the LAST thing she wanted me to do.

I heard other parents talking about how they couldn’t wait for their youngest to move out so they could make over the rooms and have their space back but my mom was never like that. She wasn’t in a hurry for me to go, it was almost like she NEEDED me to stay as long as I would. Whenever I finally got married and DID move out, I KNOW that she missed me. I know she still misses me. I still talk to her on a regular basis and she still tries to go do things with me as much as she can. I think my mom definitely has felt this “Empty nest syndrome” that I’ve heard about before. And why wouldn’t she, really? From the age of 20 to almost 66, my mom had a child at home. She has been a mother longer than she was NOT one. I don’t personally know how that feels but I can only imagine that to have had something for so long and then in a way, NOT have it anymore….has to be really lonely. So I feel for her.

And even though I am no longer living at home, she’s still my Mom. I still need her just as much as I did before. OK, so I don’t need a diaper changed or to be fed like I did when I was a baby, but I still need her in my life as my mother, my friend, my mentor,my rock. I’ll always need her even after she’s gone. I hope to God that that day will be many, many more years to come because I don’t want to face a world without my mother. A world without my mom will be a different sort of empty nest syndrome…one that I don’t think I would ever fully get over.

To end my post…I love you, Mom…I know you can’t get on to read this post so I will have to get it to you some other way.

Here’s to all the Mothers….biological and adoptive ones, step moms, and all women who have sacrificed and given their love and care to children! You are all wonderful, inspirational gifts to cherish forever. Happy Mother’s Day!

Me with my beautiful MOM and my dad


  1. Sounds like you have quite an amazing mother! Make sure she gets to read what you’ve written here, I think it would mean a lot to her! And what a wonderful photo, you all look great! πŸ™‚


    1. 😦 I wish everyone could have been as lucky to have had a great mom like I did. I’m sorry that yours wasn’t like mine. I hope there was another woman in your life that was like a mom to you and showed you love because everyone deserves that!


  2. Sending both of you hugs ans love. Hope she continues to heal well… A lovely tribute.
    β€œβ•”β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β• ೋღ❀ღೋ ═════════╗
    ೋ❀❀❀HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!❀❀❀ೋ
    β•šβ•β•β•β•β•β•β•β•β• ೋღ❀ღೋ ═════════╝”


    1. Yea, I would LIKE to think she saved the best for last! πŸ™‚
      I’m proud to have her as a mom, I know a lot of people that weren’t as blessed and I feel extremely lucky.


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