Yep, very bad….As in horrible migraine and cramps….

Needless to say, I am still not feeling very well which I’m sure a lot of you can understand, so I will leave this post here.

Hope everyone has a good Mother’s Day tomorrow!


  1. It takes a special someone to share how they feel. It takes a special someone to think of other’s before them self. I know you struggle but it’s not all about you. Deep breathe, and know that other’s do care. I share in your joys and I share now as I pray that you and mom are okay.


    1. Maybe I am reading this wrong…..But I never said anything was all about me….
      I was just saying that I had a migraine and cramps so I was in bed all day and at the time I got on the computer, it was close to midnight, I hadn’t done my daily post and I was still not feeling well so I did a really short post explaining why I wasn’t going to do a longer one….I kind of feel like I did something offensive or wrong now…:(
      I’m sorry if I made anyone feel like I was saying everything’s about me or something……Idk what I did wrong…..I’m going up to the hospital TODAY for Mother’s Day to see my mom regardless of how I may be feeling….at least for awhile because it’s Mother’s Day and my mom deserves to have at least one of her kids there to see her on this day….I already did my Mother’s Day post a little while ago and have it scheduled for later this morning as I know a lot of people are probably asleep right now….I’m just not tired cause I slept so much during the day…..
      I hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day!


      1. My post may have come across badly, not so. What I meant to say is that it is okay to talk about you and how you feel. I usually try to write what others want to hear and you write so very well on that end. It is ok to write about you, 🙂 We all need to do this. We all have that “its not about you” it’s about me sometimes. I do it too. What I mean is that your mother was going through so much in the hospital that it is okay to feel the way you do….I hope this made sense Sharon, Love ya xoxoxo Jackie


      2. I figured it was just a misunderstanding with how the words looked on the screen. It’s hard to convey messages sometimes without being able to say them aloud to the other person and people can get the wrong impression. I just wasn’t sure about what you meant so I kind of took it to heart the wrong way…and wanted to clarify things. It’s fine, I know you didn’t mean it the way I first took it.


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