I’ve noticed a few of the blogs I follow do this thing called Five Question Friday where they answer 5 different questions each Friday. When I first saw it, it looked fun but I always seemed to have another blog topic in mind on THAT Friday and didn’t want to do 2 blogs, although I could have! Today I didn’t have any specific idea in mind and I came across it again, so…..I decided to join in with others and do it too! 🙂

I got the questions from Stacey’s blog and she got them from fivecrookedhalos.blogspot.com Anyways, like she says on hers, feel free to answer the questions yourself in the comments OR in your own blog post!

1. Have you ever had roommates?  The only time I’ve really had what I call “roommates” is when I stayed in Indiana one summer working at a preschool my older sister and one of my nieces worked at…I shared a room with that niece who is also my best friend : )….It was fun but I missed the luxury of having my own room in Texas sometimes…just being able to have a room you call your own that you can go into, close the door and just be alone for awhile….I think she probably missed that too, even if she didn’t say so…But I would sit out in the living room a lot so she could have her privacy and I kind of made the living room my own space somewhat…even though a lot of the time I shared it with another niece who loved to sit in there and read and watch TV….I guess my husband is a sort of a roommate now, but he’s more permanent LOL

2. How many names do you/your children have? (i.e. Prince Charming William Phillip Arthur Louis John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt) I have just a first, middle and last name OTHER than my maiden name…and I have no children yet

3. Did you watch the Royal Wedding? Yes, to my utter surprise, I not only watched it but blogged about it…I was still awake when it came on and went to bed after it finished

4. What is the messiest room in your house?  I think the better question would be, “What room isn’t messy?”….A neat freak I am NOT : (

5. What is your ideal mothers day? I look forward to the day when I actually AM a mommy and can answer this!

Stacey’s questions are up on her blog as well if you would like to see her answers!


  1. Oh I see how it is…I’m only almost your best friend now…:P. BTW I totally got the own space thing. But I’ve almost always had to share a room…the first time i didn’t was when we lived down there for a few years and let me tell you privacy is one of the most important things a teenage girl could have.


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