My last post had a quote in it about chasing after inspiration. It said you can’t wait for it, you have to go after it with a club. Well….I have taken a club to it….a big frying pan, a hammer, and just about every household item I could find and lift. Suffice it to say, I have come to the conclusion that inspiration MUST have a very thick skull. OR it’s very stubborn because it seems to allude me no matter what.

I guess it COULD be a result of depression, though. I hate to fill a post about depression even though it’s a part of me and will always be. I’ve never be told I had Clinical Depression but I have been prescribed depression medicine for years now and without them, I usually find myself very down and dreary. I haven’t taken my depression medicine in over a week. I know, I know…such a stupid thing to do when I already KNOW the result. I ran out of medicine and due to lack of funds, I decided to wait until there WAS money. I could have and should have asked my mom for help. She has helped before and would gladly do it again and the medicine isn’t really expensive, but I just hate always asking for handouts, of any kind. I hate having to ask for help…not sure why I have such an issue with it. A lot of times I will even ask someone for suggestions and then once I have them, never actually do anything WITH the suggestions. What is with that? What is my problem?

UGH! So sorry to unload problems on readers of my blog. I try to keep my posts more upbeat, if I can. If only the answer to my issues were as simple as inspiring quotes or a “Snap out of it!” mentality. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple….

I just pray that this slump I’m in ends soon and Inspiration decides to finally start flowing freely again. I sure could use you, Inspiration!


  1. Sharon we must be SISTERS: I ran out of my paxil a week ago. I get paid Friday. Ugh, so I feel the same exact way that you do. The worst part is I have no money for cigarettes to get me through this. I also work 12-8am wed and thurs. My feet area killing me cuz I need insoles, and my knees ache too. I walk a mile and sit and do it all 8 hours so I am just exhausted, then I work 12 hours each SUNDAY, the day I HATE TO WORK!


  2. Don’t start smoking, Sharon! 😉

    I hear you about feeling down, but if you can tolerate it without losing your mind, it can bring you in touch with some feelings and some ideas you’d never come close to when you feel great. Think of how many women (and maybe a few guys) like to watch terribly sad movies so we can cry for an hour after it ends. There’s something purifying about feeling down and letting it out. But I think the key is letting it out, not keeping it all inside…


    1. Don’t worry about the smoking…I have never had a desire to smoke and I don’t ever see myself being interested in it. Not only does the idea of it yellowing my teeth and nails, wrecking my hair, messing with my voice and making me smell like smoke NOT appeal to me, I’m also not interested in getting cancer or emphysema from smoking. I also happen to be allergic to it so I can’t even be close to someone while they smoke without getting allergies…Which is why my hubby smokes outside!
      I cried to my hubby today and unloaded all the stressful thoughts that have been running through my head and it did help a little. I have learned from trying to hold it all in in the past that it can be very harmful to me so I try to let it out by confiding in others.


  3. Don’t worry about always being upbeat here – this blog is called the REAL Sharon and it’s a place you can be your real self! If you are feeling depressed, why not share it a bit? Instead of assuming you will bring everyone else down, maybe we can lift you up a little by showing we care 🙂 I shared my anxiety on my blog and I felt a little better for it 🙂


    1. I just don’t want to seem like a Negative Nelly or w/e that’s called LOL…It did help sharing it on my blog and also talking it over with my hubby…I’m feeling a little better! Thanks for your comment.


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