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My last post had a quote in it about chasing after inspiration. It said you can’t wait for it, you have to go after it with a club. Well….I have taken a club to it….a big frying pan, a hammer, and just about every household item I could find and lift. Suffice it to say, I have come to the conclusion that inspiration MUST have a very thick skull. OR it’s very stubborn because it seems to allude me no matter what.

I guess it COULD be a result of depression, though. I hate to fill a post about depression even though it’s a part of me and will always be. I’ve never be told I had Clinical Depression but I have been prescribed depression medicine for years now and without them, I usually find myself very down and dreary. I haven’t taken my depression medicine in over a week. I know, I know…such a stupid thing to do when I already KNOW the result. I ran out of medicine and due to lack of funds, I decided to wait until there WAS money. I could have and should have asked my mom for help. She has helped before and would gladly do it again and the medicine isn’t really expensive, but I just hate always asking for handouts, of any kind. I hate having to ask for help…not sure why I have such an issue with it. A lot of times I will even ask someone for suggestions and then once I have them, never actually do anything WITH the suggestions. What is with that? What is my problem?

UGH! So sorry to unload problems on readers of my blog. I try to keep my posts more upbeat, if I can. If only the answer to my issues were as simple as inspiring quotes or a “Snap out of it!” mentality. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple….

I just pray that this slump I’m in ends soon and Inspiration decides to finally start flowing freely again. I sure could use you, Inspiration!

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