Please enjoy my last minute post for today that encompasses four different things that are ROUND. 🙂

My husband posing with monkey bar "rings" in front of X's and "O"'s
One giant round tire.....and my hubby posing with it!
The eyes are the window to the soul!


  1. That tire is huge. What’s the story behind it? I like the idea of adding the monkey bars. Haven’t been around those since my kids were in elementary school…
    Did you figure out the comments issue? I noticed that when I visit some blogs, it makes me enter the information twice. Probably just a minor glitch.
    Take care,


    1. That tire was at the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum in San Antonio, TX that me and my hubby went to during our honeymoon. I think it’s supposed to be the biggest tire in the world, but not for sure. I don’t honestly remember what the info. said about it. The playground is actually one in Austin,TX. that I played on as a kid but it’s changed drastically since then. I took that pic a couple years ago when we were visiting my middle sister and her family.
      I don’t know about the comments thing, it seems to be working now so I assume they figured out the glitch or whatever it was.


  2. Sharon I know you have been subscribed to my blog for a while and I am sorry to say that this is my first time visiting yours. I appreciate your continued visits and liking my first day of blogging honesty.

    I hope you keep coming back to read the sorted details of what I call my life. Take care and I hope to keep coming back here.



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