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{May 31, 2011}   Last Day in May Mediocrity

Is it just me or does it feel like the time since I started my daily blog posting has just flown by? I started on January 11th so June 11th will mark 5 months straight of  posting for me. I can’t believe it’s been that long…it seems like I just started yesterday.

I don’t know that my writing ability has changed much from start to now but I do know that I have grown more confident in my ability. I still struggle with procrastination in every area of my life but so far, posting every day has given me the belief in myself that I MIGHT be able to overcome it enough to finally take writing even further. Maybe I’m at the stage where I can actually start writing a book and complete it one day. I definitely don’t think it will be easy because my inspiration comes and goes but I’ve learned that if I work at it, a little at a time, I can find the will power inside myself to get it done. Doing THIS for almost 5 months straight now is proving that to me.

I know I’m not the only that has accomplished this so far. All the others still in the “game” have an amazing ability to stick with it without giving up. It’s not easy at all! BUT there are some that haven’t made it this far, so I feel proud to be one of the ones that has…..and there’s still over 7 months to go, so perseverance must continue.

Is it wrong of me to be absolutely convinced that I WILL make it the year? Or even further if I decide to? I never used to believe in myself so strongly with anything else in life, but I find myself with no doubts of my ability to finish THIS out. A procrastinator who has overcome in one area of her life, perhaps? Is that possible? And if so, could I change it in other areas, maybe all? Or is that too much to ask?

I do feel this post lacks so much compared to yesterday’s post. But then again, when I wrote it, I didn’t see it as anything great or anything remarkable at all. To me, it was just thoughts that had run through my head recently put down on paper as if I was writing in a diary. I guess my blog has sort of become my diary…..although I have chosen to make my diary incredibly public for everyone else to look upon and either frown in disgust at me or smile and recognize something that relates to them.

The problem comes when I write something I don’t see as being very good at all and suddenly, I get responses that it’s something really good, in their opinions. I am in then, in shock, wondering HOW did I make that piece so good and HOW do I do it again? How do I perform magic again? For that is what it is to me…..Writing something that others find great seems like I performed a magic spell unawares and I am left with wondering what words did I say to make them think so? How do I achieve this greatness again?

I almost feel like a phony the next day because I have no idea how to do it again! Is there some magic dust I can sprinkle on my post? Do I have a magic wand in my closet that I can wave around and change my post into something more than what I see it as now? I don’t know how to press repeat on this player…..because the button seems to have broke. Oh, magic writing ability, how can you come and go like this without a warning?!

So you see…I give up on making today’s post be a match of yesterday’s…and I definitely don’t intend to even attempt making it better. Instead I will settle for again putting what’s in my thoughts into this computer and pray that people will at least think it mediocre enough to read and not just nod off after the first sentence. I suspect eventually I will write another post that’s great some day…..probably when I least expect to, for that seems to be the norm. But until then, please forgive my posts that are not as great.

{May 30, 2011}   Remember Memorial Day

While you’re at home relaxing and possibly enjoying a 3 day weekend, there are soldiers not so fortunate to have a day off. Soldiers all over dealing with unbelievable temperatures and situations, risking their life so you can have the freedom to have holidays. While your husband or wife may be at home beside you tonight, there are many husbands and wives that aren’t so blessed. Some women are at home this weekend, maybe even with children, dreaming of their husband who is off at war, praying every moment of every day that he returns safely. The 3 day weekend for them is just another reminder of what their spouse has chosen to do for HIS job. While others are stuck in their 9 to 5 routines that cause them pain and grief, it’s nothing compared to what the soldiers are faced with each and every day that they are off at war. Most people don’t fear for their lives each and every moment of the day, but then again most people aren’t in the line of fire so much as a soldier is.

I have a friend who is a war vet. He chooses to spend this day indoors, going nowhere and basically in a mourning state. This day reminds him of all the friends he has lost, of all the things he has seen that will never be erased from his memory. What he has seen is more horrific than what you see in movies and is, of course, very real. This day for him is more of what Memorial Day was meant to be. A day of remembrance for all the ones who gave their lives for our freedom. For him, it’s even more because he has been there. For him, it’s also a day of grieving over the past loss.

There are others this Memorial Day weekend who are treating it like any other holiday. They will have parties and possibly get drunk and enjoy their 3 days off. For people like my friend, the war vet, this sort of thing is a type of blasphemy. It spits in his face and those of his friends who died in war. To him and many others, celebrating Memorial Day as if it’s some party holiday is hurtful and demeaning. I can understand his pain, too.

I have a niece who was recently married to a marine. He is off in Afghanistan….19 years old and fighting for our country. Today he will not be able to kick back, get drunk and party. Those activities are the furthest things from his mind. I doubt my niece will be able to either. I imagine her husband is in the forefront of her mind today even more so than usual…if that’s possible.

Today, I am writing this post with an utmost respect for all those who have ever fought for our country and are still fighting….and also to those who WILL fight in the future. The only reason I am allowed the ability to blog is because of you. Me and all other bloggers can daily lay out our thoughts, our opinions and our hearts without fearing that what we say will lead to our deaths. It is only because of you that we have that freedom. A lot of people want to bash war and fighting and that is your right as an American. But just remember that the only reason you are able to do so without fear of arrest or death is due to the very thing you are bashing. It’s due to thousands and thousands of soldiers who have fought for your rights, day in and day out, in horrific conditions.

YOU have the right to spend Memorial Day however you see fit. You have this right BECAUSE of the ones that Memorial Day stands for. So how did you spend your day so far and how will you spend the rest of the day?

Fear itself.

I don’t know anyone that ONLY fears that, though. The world is full of people with many fears and some that claim to not have any fears at all but are quickly proven liars, because we all fear something….

One of my subscribed blogs is from a girl who does a Challenge a Day and she recently asked about 5 things that you’re afraid of and posted her own list today. I’m going to follow her lead and say what 5 of my greatest fears are.

  1. My biggest fear is dying alone. By that, I don’t mean dying without anyone who loves me, because I have tons of friends and family that do indeed love me. I mean, being in a situation ALONE and dying without anyone by my side. I’ve never had a fear of flying but the 2 times in my life I flew ALONE, I was incredibly nervous…..if something had happened to the plane, I was totally alone without anyone I loved with me…..not that I would want someone I love to die WITH me….but if I had to be in a situation like on a crashing plane….I would at least like for someone I love to be the last person I see and be beside me, you know?
  2. I fear losing people I love…I’m sure this is a fear I share with many people. I know this is a fear that I will inevitably face one day and I hate that…I hate the idea that someone I love is going to die and I will have to say goodbye to them. BUT I thank God that I will be able to see them again one day. Knowing that the goodbye is not forever makes the fear a little better.
  3. Roaches…need I say more? They are gross and disgusting…especially the really big ones. I will literally freak out and start crying if I see one! EWW!
  4. I fear falling and breaking bones…primarily in my legs or feet. This has been a fear since I fell back in 2003 and broke my fibula. Stairs are the main scare here….since that’s what I fell down.
  5. I fear my weight will keep me from having kids. It’s been my dream for many years to be a mother and I know weight can be an issue to having kids. It inspires me to see people prove that it can still be done but I have to be honest and say this is a fear for me.

So I told you my biggest fears. What are some of your fears?

{May 28, 2011}   Taking Lessons from Lakes

While watching the old series “Xena:The Warrior Princess” from the beginning, an exchange between her and her friend Gabrielle at the end of one of the episodes really touched me. For those of you reading, whether or not you have ever watched this old series that started back in 1995 and lasted through to about 2000, I believe, makes no difference. Here is the exchange they had from the best of my memory.

Xena: “You see that lake? See how the surface of the water is calm and still? That used to be me.” *She picks up a big rock and throws it into the lake*   “Then THAT happened to me and the ripples were formed, spreading out, disrupting the calm”

Gabrielle: “But if we sit here long enough, eventually the lake will go back to being calm”

Xena: “Yes, but the rock is still underneath the water. The surface may be calm again but the water is forever changed.”

They then walk away and Xena turns back to see the lake has calmed and a smile forms on her face.

That ended the episode but the exchange stuck in my head. Such a great metaphorical way of looking at how a person can deal with hardships and struggles. True, when we deal with a hard time, it’s like the rock that’s thrown into a body of water. The once calm exterior is threatened and ripples occur, spreading out, sometimes infecting more than just ourselves. BUT the lake, just like you, will eventually calm. Hard times will eventually get better, we will move on just like the water does. The rock thrown into the water forever changes it just as hardships we go through forever change us.

Every one of us has gone through something in our lives and for many years afterwards, the pain from it remains deep down inside. Even though the pain will eventually lessen or even cease, it’s always a part of us. It’s always a part of who we are. Who we become depends so much on what we have been through in life and how we dealt with it.

I think I wish to be more like a lake in dealing with the rocks that are thrown my way because while they may forever be changed by them, the lake will conform to them and put on the calm, still exterior without letting you know what just happened to it. Not by pretending or putting on a mask as people can tend to do, but simply by just being what it is…a lake.

Often, I think we not only are forever changed by the rocks, but we let them weigh us down. We refuse to allow ourselves to go back to that peace we had before by denying what we so rightfully deserve. We deserve to keep fighting, we deserve to never give up, we deserve to attack the evil in our lives and tell it that while it may be a part of our lives, it won’t be the CENTER. It won’t be the main focus of who we are and it’s not going to stop us from being happy.

To all those dealing with unimaginable trials and tribulations right now, I’m so sorry for the rocks that life threw at you. No one deserves what some have had to deal with lately. Right now, your world may be in chaos and the ripples from your tragedies may be felt far and wide, but just know that there WILL be a calm after the storm. Life WILL get better and don’t forget to smile at all the little good things here and there. Don’t allow the rocks to stay at the surface of you…push them down and overcome. Your struggles will forever be a testament of your life but they don’t have to be the center point. Be like a lake that has tons of rocks collected at the bottom but has transformed through them all and remained at peace.

{May 27, 2011}   Five Question Friday

As always, you are welcome to answer on your own blog or in the comments! Questions came from fivecrookedhalos. Happy Friday!

1. Do you apologize to your kids? 😦 No kids yet…but when I do, why wouldn’t I apologize if I did something wrong? I love you does mean saying you’re sorry…I’ve had to apologize to my hubby before so why wouldn’t I do the same for my future kids, if need be?

2. What color are your nails right now? My fingernails have nothing on them…my toe nails are red

3. When you were growing up, how difficult was it for you to stay home from school sick?(As in, did you have to vomit or just say “I don’t feel good”.)  If I hadn’t missed any school yet, then no, all I would have to say was that I didn’t feel well BUT in high school when I started “being sick” A LOT, then my mom would try to talk me into going to school and holler at me and say that I was going to fail cause I missed too much school….I wouldn’t HAVE to vomit but I would have to cry a lot….problem was in high school, I faked sick a whole lot because of the teasing that was going on…so I missed over 20 days of school…until finally my mom saw how bad the teasing actually was and pulled me out

4. When is the last time you bought a new comforter for your bed? The summer we got married when we bought a new comforter and sheet set for our new bed 🙂 so back in 2009

5. Favorite website(s)? WordPress to do my blog and read other blogs

Facebook to connect with friends and family…and play games some

Getglue to check-in to tv shows, movies, books, etc. to see when new stuff hits stores

{May 26, 2011}   Weekly Photo Challenge:TINY

When I think of things that are “tiny”, I, just like a lot of people think of babies. I tried to find some other forms of tiny to share with you as well.

A tiny deer statue

This little wooden deer sits in my Nanny(grandma’s) backyard. It has been around for many years and my grandma’s photo albums show many of her grandkids and great grandkids sitting atop it. I once was small enough to sit upon it myself. Now the deer’s color is fading and it isn’t quite as sturdy as it used to be. I can only hope that it will last so I can someday take a photo of my first born child sitting atop it as well. It may be a tiny statue but it has very deep memories for me.

Tiny baby

OK, so I added a baby…..and I HAVE used this in an old post somewhere but I just LOVE this picture. My Step-mom-in-law took it at my wedding and this adorable baby boy is my youngest great nephew when he was 3 months old. His little suit was so big for him and it was sized for 0-3 months! He was just so itty bitty and adorable and I love him and my other great nephew so much! 🙂

The Eiffel Tower in Texas???

Not a “tiny” tower by any means BUT it’s made from something quite tiny….Toothpicks! Thousands and thousands of toothpicks!

A tiny puppy

Tiny hand prints

This is the inside of a handmade card I got before I left the preschool in Indiana where I was working. Very special card! 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my pics! :^)

I have left comments on several blogs yesterday and today…and none of them are showing up. It’s very aggravating when I leave a comment for someone and WordPress fails to show them! 😦

I’m sorry if people are wondering why I’m not leaving comments cause I am..they are just not showing up! Not sure what the problem is!

Update 5/26-STILL can’t leave comments, ugh! I have left a message with WordPress support and am impatiently awaiting a response and a change! So sorry I can’t comment on anyone’s posts…this is driving me crazy because I want to so bad!

Part 2 showed some of the fun I had and some differences in the countries….This part will show you WHY I compare my missions trip to my honeymoon when it comes to negative experiences.

As I mentioned earlier, a day or two into the trip I started having headaches consistently. Since I didn’t have the option of just opting out and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss anything anyways, I ended up taking pill after pill JUST to manage every day. I only got to talk to my mom one time while I was in Wales. Back in 2001, believe it or not, cell phones weren’t as big of a thing and neither were laptops so I didn’t have a cell phone to just call people I loved whenever I wanted. Our leader had one, of course, and he arranged for all of us to call our parents for a short time after we arrived just so they could know we were safe. Of course, if there had been a problem, I’m sure we would have been allowed to call them as well.

It was lonely for me, though. I missed home ever so much and thank God for me having my own room that I could go to at night and cry and pray by myself. I needed that alone time when so much time on the trip was spent with new people. I also loved to gaze down from the window at the street below and wonder what the other people in the other buildings were doing at that moment. One day, as I was gazing out the window, I felt a drop of water hit me. It wasn’t raining outside so I was confused as to what I was feeling. I stepped back and noticed that not only was there a leak from up above dripping down but there was also some hair leaking through? Yea, I was completely mortified. It turned out the third floor shower was leaking into that room so that meant less showers and quicker ones for them and a bucket placed under the window. As I lay in bed, I could hear the water dripping every now and then and oddly enough, it didn’t keep me awake. I suppose because I was so tired. A few days later, the leak emerged down the wall next to where my bed was. I simply scooted the bed over a little and went on my way. All I cared about was that it wasn’t leaking on me.

Then, horror of horrors, came the night where I was laying in the bed and the water started leaking from the middle of the ceiling right above the light fixture. There was no longer a place safe enough to sleep in the room. The thought of having to move this late in the game, into the room where ALL the girls were, was frightening to me so I came up with my own alternative. The room at the end of the hall, right next to me, housed tons of VHS movies and while there wasn’t a bed in there, there WAS room enough for a mattress. I hauled my mattress into this room, laid it on the floor and that was my makeshift bed for the few remaining days of my trip. It might not have been the best situation but it worked for me and I could still use the other room to dress and store my stuff.

We eventually found out OUR shower was leaking into the daycare so all of us had to start taking really fast showers as to reduce the leakage factor. Like I said, this building had seen better days!

One of the things I had wanted to do on this Missions trip more than anything was to sing. I was shy, yes, but I loved to sing and I was willing to try to sing solos or duets, whatever was needed. Shortly after the headaches started, my voice started getting raspy and hoarse. I could talk fine but the singing wasn’t happening. That was hard for me because when I’m not able to sing, I feel empty. The fact that I wasn’t able to do something that I thought I could offer on a Missions trip above anything else really shot down my confidence and saddened me. So…headache, losing voice….pop more Ibuprofen to deal with the pain.

Then I walked into VBS one day and tripped over the bottom of the door frame. I ended up twisting my ankle and it HURT. Since I had no choice but to walk on it and A LOT, I popped more medicine to make the pain just go away. It worked, I didn’t feel my ankle hurting as bad, my headache was a distant aching pain and while I couldn’t sing, I could still talk fine.

By the end of the trip, I had gone through almost a whole thing of Ibuprofen…one of those big economical sizes. As we drove to the airport and got on the plane, there was a little bit of sadness in saying goodbye to Wales but I was also homesick and my body was giving out on me. I was exhausted. On the way to Pennsylvania, my headache came back with a vengeance and my back starting throbbing and aching. It seemed like I would never get home.

As we touched down in Pennsylvania, good byes were said and I was pointed on my way to my flight to Texas. Here I was again, on my own, all alone, walking to my flight. Kimberly had a connecting flight too, for Georgia, so luckily I had a companion for a bit of my walk. Then I found my connecting flight and got on. I freaked out when I saw I was seated next to two good looking college age kids. Great…here I am, a big girl with glasses, feeling like crap and stuck next to two guys….Good looking guys! UGh, kill me now!

The 3 hour flight to Texas seemed to drag on and on forever, my head wanted to explode and I began to feel nauseous. Oh no….please let me hold it until we get there!…….Perhaps, I should have been more specific? As we landed and were pulling up to our gate, I couldn’t hold back anymore and I had to grab one of those paper baggies in front of me…and yea, I think you know what happened next. I THINK the college guys were busy looking somewhere else but I am probably just deluding myself. When we got off the plane, I honestly could care less what anyone thought anymore, I felt horrible and I wanted my mom, I wanted my bedroom with my own bed and I wanted it now!

We still had a 2 hour drive to our house though and I lay in the backseat of the car, sick as a dog, all the way home. I got sick yet again on the road. 😦

When we got home, I went right to bed and stayed there for quite awhile. I later discovered I had strep throat, so it wasn’t that much of a shock that I had felt so bad. So why was my trip not so good? Well…a leak in my room, sick with a headache and strep throat for almost 2 weeks without knowing it, a very much probable close to overdose on Ibuprofen AND a twisted ankle….that’s why…

Do I regret my trip? No. Obviously, it would have been nice to not have been sick the whole time, but it was a growing up, life experience. I grew up so much from that trip, I learned new things about the world, I learned new things about myself and how much I can take and still overcome. I learned to be appreciative of what I have and how much I truly have to be thankful for. I had moments when my faith was tested in ways that I had never yet been exposed to at 17; eye opening experiences that really made me start to think for myself more and molded me into what I would later become in life. Before, I just believed things because it was what I was taught and I never really thought any deeper than that. There were tough questions I was asked by people that I was shocked that I didn’t have answers for. Though my shyness lingered for many years after this trip, on the inside I was changed from this trip and was slowly realizing that the world was about more than just believing based on what you were told. It’s also about searching out the truth for yourself and knowing the reasons behind WHY you believe what you believe. Learning to become confident and secure with not only what, but why you feel that way.

It was a great experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

There will be 2 posts today, the other post will be Part 3 of my 2001 Missions Trip story. I saw this WWW Wednesday thing on my friend Jackie’s page and it looked like something new, different and fun to add to my blog. So I’m going to try to add this every Wednesday, although I can’t promise I will always have a new book I’m reading that week, but I’ll try.

Same three questions every week…only the answers change! Feel free to join and do your own, just make sure to leave your link here.

What are you currently reading?  “The guy not taken:Stories” by Jennifer Weiner

What did you recently finish reading? “Room” by Emma Donoghue

What do you think you’ll read next? “Horns” by Joe Hill and then hopefully “The Hit List” by Laurell K. Hamilton after it hits stores June 7th! 🙂

So…what are YOU reading? I would love to hear!

Part 1 left off after arriving at the old YMCA building that we stayed at. After setting up my stuff in my room that I would spend the almost 2 weeks in, I also learned that our bathroom had two shower stalls with just a curtain in front. So we were told to take showers at the same time as another girl so we wouldn’t hog the bathroom too much. Well, I ended up taking one AFTER everyone or at a time when no one wanted to take one just so I could avoid this. I didn’t want to change in front of people so I certainly wasn’t going to be showering with someone else in the room either!

From here on out in my post, I’ll be jumping back and forth between things because my remembrance for the exact timeline is a little lost on me now.

I would say it was probably a day or so after we arrived in Wales that I started having headaches pretty much consistently. I KNEW there was a chance of it being because I had drank caffeine so I just kept popping Ibuprofen and went on with the trip. The first day was extremely hard because we were all dealing with jet lag and we couldn’t give in to it. We HAD to keep ourselves awake until night time so we could be on a better schedule. Needless to say, about the time you got used to the new time schedule was when you were back in the US and had to get used to a new one!

There were a lot of fun experiences that I remember. It definitely wasn’t all bad. We got to see some beautiful castles and we got to shop some which was absolutely wonderful as I’m a woman who loves shopping! I didn’t just buy for myself either. I bought a diamond pendant that said “Mum” on it for my mom as her birthday was the day we would return. I bought a beautiful white “Christening” dress for one of my best friends who just had a baby girl. It was just to give her a pretty little church dress, not for an actual Christening. I bought a Mom, dad and baby bear figurine that were dressed in London type clothes to give to my mom but she told me to keep it as I have a huge thing for teddy bears. I also got a stuffed teddy that has a sweater with the Welsh flag on it and a lovespoon with a treble clef on it since I love music.

We visited this old Welsh village and saw some old fashioned homes and got to try some good old homemade bread. I remember the doors of the houses being so small…I could fit in them easy because I’m short but a lot of people had to duck. Apparently the Welsh are traditionally short or at least used to be? We did Vacation Bible School at this one church and I actually taught a class or co-taught. It made me rather nervous but I actually got through it. I’ve always loved little children and it was so much fun working with them. I remember this one little boy that was riding a bike when we were handing out tracks and he wanted to help hand some out. It was so cute!

I saw some not so great things though. I noticed a lot of dogs ran loose around the streets and was actually told that some of the dogs had killed young kids and nothing had really been done about it. This really broke my heart. I also learned that the legal age for drinking in pubs there was 15 and as most stores closed as early as 5 in the afternoon, there wasn’t much for kids to do around there and they turned to alcohol and ended up in trouble. All of this broke my heart to hear.

I was also under the misconception that there wasn’t really that much of a difference between the English and the Welsh but quickly found out that they don’t typically get along with each other. The Welsh actually have their own language that is very confusing if you ask me. But one huge difference is their demeanor. From the little bit of time I was in London to the time I was in Wales…all over Wales…I noticed the Welsh seemed much more laid back and nice. Not to offend my British friends reading my blog, but I met some very sweet Welsh people that really touched my heart. I have a deep love for Wales ever since that trip and would so love to go back one day.

I would love to tour England too and give it another chance as well, though.

The food was interesting for me…..We in the US like to put pickles on everything and in England and Wales, they love their cucumbers. I have never ate so many cucumber sandwiches in my life! And did I mention I hate cucumbers? UGH! Oh, but the fish and chips! They were awesome! I could have just lived off of that if given the opportunity! I obviously experienced many new things with food….I tried hot tea. It wasn’t really a surprise that I detested it because I’ve never cared for iced tea either. It tasted like a worse version of something I already hate. I got to try “squash” too….I believe that’s how they spell it….here, squash is a veggie and ONLY that. There, ‘Squash” is what they kool-aid. I wasn’t much of a fan of that either because it didn’t seem sweet enough. I guess us Americans are used to sweetening things so much that we don’t like our drinks dulled down. Pepsi was my mainstay whenever I could find it. Thank God for Pepsi! UK brought my love for Pepsi back from the dead. When I got home, I could never look at Sprite the same way again. I always thought I would take a sip and it would have changed on me and betrayed me like its British counterpart.

One morning we had breakfast at a restaurant nearby instead of our basic cereal meal at the YMCA. I ended up ordering some sausage and eggs with toast, I believe, although I’m sure I had to ask for a translation as to what that was exactly on the menu. We were offered something called “Black Pudding”, to which I grimaced and said no thanks. If I don’t know what something is, I’m not about to try it! Most everyone else had some and seemed to like it but later, when we found out WHAT it was, I was glad I stuck to my convictions. Apparently, Black Pudding is Pig’s Blood. Uh……yea, no thanks!

I did end up getting fooled at a different time on the trip, though. We went to a special church event at the park and had hamburgers. Of course, this was during the mad cow disease epidemic so beef was out of the question, but I was not thinking straight and I was hungry. I dug into my hamburger and thoroughly enjoyed it. Then I was told I ate sheep meat and I was not very happy. Sheep look too adorable to me to ever eat….: ( I felt like a murderer!

We had lovely weather for most of our 2 weeks. I believe it rained maybe two days that we were there. The temperature hit 80 and all of the sudden, it was like everywhere I looked, we were in Miami, Florida instead of Wales. Girls with basically just a bra and shorts on everywhere! I was utterly stunned….I mean, 80 is a nice temperature, yes, but cause for beach wear? I think not!

Before I close this Part 2 with promises of a Part 3 tomorrow detailing negatives that made the trip not quite as good, I will end here with an experience that occurred after the rain. Me and Kimberly left the YMCA to go look at the little shops around there and the rain had just stopped but the ground had puddles everywhere. As we turned a corner, I was a little too close to the curb and a big bus turns the corner, hitting an enormous puddle of water and totally raining on me AND my parade. So soaking wet, I continued on my walk to the shops, a little infuriated at the bus but also laughing at myself and the situation. We looked in a Woolworth’s which I had never been in before and a few other stores. Pretty much the only store experience that really sticks out for me is this store with baby clothes. I had gone in there, of course, to get something for my best friend’s baby and while I didn’t end up buying anything THERE, Me and Kimberly did have fun with the ladies of the shop. They absolutely loved my Texas accent and I told them I adored their Welsh accent. They were very kind ladies and even soaking wet, we returned later from our shopping excursion in a good mood and with leftover fish and chips! YUM!

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