Last Day in May Mediocrity

Is it just me or does it feel like the time since I started my daily blog posting has just flown by? I started on January 11th so June 11th will mark 5 months straight of  posting for me. I can't believe it's been that seems like I just started yesterday. I don't know… Continue reading Last Day in May Mediocrity

Remember Memorial Day

While you're at home relaxing and possibly enjoying a 3 day weekend, there are soldiers not so fortunate to have a day off. Soldiers all over dealing with unbelievable temperatures and situations, risking their life so you can have the freedom to have holidays. While your husband or wife may be at home beside you… Continue reading Remember Memorial Day

Taking Lessons from Lakes

While watching the old series "Xena:The Warrior Princess" from the beginning, an exchange between her and her friend Gabrielle at the end of one of the episodes really touched me. For those of you reading, whether or not you have ever watched this old series that started back in 1995 and lasted through to about… Continue reading Taking Lessons from Lakes

Part 3 of my 2001 Missions Trip

Part 2 showed some of the fun I had and some differences in the countries....This part will show you WHY I compare my missions trip to my honeymoon when it comes to negative experiences. As I mentioned earlier, a day or two into the trip I started having headaches consistently. Since I didn't have the… Continue reading Part 3 of my 2001 Missions Trip