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Last week, I saw ALL this advertising about the Royal Wedding and I told myself, “I’m so tired of hearing about THIS, I can’t wait for it to be over and I am NOT interested in watching the wedding.” It seemed a lot of people were very interested and NOT just the British, which I could understand why THEY would be. While I was setting up my DVR to record stuff at the beginning of this week, I found myself scheduling the “Highlights from the Wedding”, which would record AFTER it. I told myself that was just to see what the big deal was and I could just fast forward past it or delete if it was too incredibly boring. BUT I was not going to record the wedding and I was not going to get up early to watch it or stay up for it. There was no way!

As the week went on, my will started to crumble a bit and I wondered how I could even be entertaining one thought of watching it. Why would I be interested in such rubbish, really? I even considered doing a blog talking about how tired I was of hearing about the wedding and how I couldn’t wait for it all to be over. But then I started seeing more glimpses here and there of things and I started to get pulled in. I tried hard to not be interested, I really did! I told myself I was obviously being hypnotized by something and I needed to resist the allure. Then my husband’s mom started talking about staying up to watch Princess Diana’s wedding and how it was such a historical and beautiful event. Well…I was 3 years away from being thought of by my parents when Princess Diana had HER wedding so suffice it to say, I didn’t have the issue of whether to watch or not to watch their wedding.

But it started to wear on me….All the talk of it being so historical and the idea of a royal not marrying  commoner in over 350 years….Would I possibly one day regret it IF I didn’t watch? Could it possibly be this huge event that was so amazing that I would be sad I missed it? I gave in and hit the scheduler on my DVR….I would record the pre-wedding and wedding BUT I would not watch it live. I would just watch it later and skip through the boring parts. At least that’s what I told myself. But sometimes you shock yourself….and now I feel almost ashamed that I was pulled in.

I started watching the pre-show 30 minutes into the recording… was recording on my DVR and I just couldn’t resist the wait. I watched as guest after guest arrived at the royal event and I was in awe of the fashion. Apparently British women LOVE hats! Who would have thought? I have never seen so many hats in my life and there were some huge, strange ones at that! I came to discover these peculiar hats were known as “fascinators”? Well….I can definitely understand that! They WERE fascinating to say the least…although some of them made me sorry for the unlucky few who would be seated behind them. You come to see a royal wedding and instead you are stuck with seeing a humongous hat! That would not amuse me very much….

In between the guests arriving, I found myself fast forwarding so I could get closer to the actual wedding. By the time it got to Kate stepping into the car in her wedding dress, I was only about 10 minutes behind LIVE time. I watched as she got in her car to the wedding and admired her beauty. She truly is a beautiful woman and that dress was gorgeous. Interestingly enough, I didn’t feel any jealousy over her beauty, though. I almost thought I would, but even though my own wedding was NOTHING compared to the royal wedding, I STILL think of mine as beautiful and wonderful in its own right.

I really enjoyed seeing the differences in a British wedding and an American one, though. I think it was a learning experience and intriguing. I had 4 bridesmaids that were closer to my age, one maid of honor and 2 little girl flower girls…along with 4 groomsmen, 1 best man and 2 little boy ring bearers on the guy side. This wedding had 4 little girls under the age of 11 as bridesmaids…what a concept! and 2 little Pageboys(which I had never heard of). Kate’s younger sister was the maid of honor in a very, dare I say, sexy white dress. My jaw actually dropped when I saw her sister….wow! She was gorgeous too! And wearing white?! I had always heard that ONLY the bride was to wear white. How different! And here the groom and the best man are adorned in suits or tux but they had uniforms on. I really felt like I was gaining education in British ways but without the stodgy classroom feel, you know?

I LOVED the fact that William didn’t see Kate until she got to the altar LITERALLY. And I loved the look on his face when he saw her. It was such a beautiful ceremony and different than anything I had ever seen. I actually teared up a bit…but I’m an emotional girl anyways! I do admit to fast forwarding through all the hymns and speeches after the vows…UNTIL I caught up to LIVE time and was forced to just deal with that part. It was the longest ceremony I have ever seen but I am sure there are longer ones out there. When they walked off to sign the registry, I was left curious wondering what that was all about. And after they walked out and left for the palace without the standard American, “You may kiss the bride” sealed with a kiss…I thought for sure a kiss MUST have happened behind the scenes while they signed the registry. Hmmm…But they deserved to have that bit of privacy so it will be their little secret.

I continued watching as the crowd of close to a million (WOW!) awaited the kiss on the balcony. For a minute, I was under the impression that this was the tradition for thousands of years until they told the background story of it all starting with Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Let’s just hope that Kate and William’s marriage takes a much different turn!

By the time the TV broadcasting was over, I almost wanted to follow them through the upcoming parties and see how lavish the events were. I had seen so much that I had never seen before and I was intrigued to see more! But then I thought back to my own wedding day and I thought about how I would have felt if cameras were following me all day. And I realized that I wouldn’t want them to continue following me. I would want to be able to relax with those closest to me and really enjoy the moment. But I can see how people can get caught up in everything and want to know MORE. Always more, more, more, you know?

So I gave in….I acted like an obsessed royal wedding watcher and I surprised myself. Why? As an American, I think I was just curious to see what all the hubbub was about. And as I started watching, I was bewitched by the differences of weddings in the UK versus the US. I was intrigued to keep watching and learning from the experience. And OK…I became interested in what the super secret wedding dress would look like.

Also, there was just something about the idea that someone NOT born of royalty could dream of becoming a princess and actually have that happen. Every little girl dreams of being a princess….maybe not ALL, but a majority of them. Heck, I got married in a castle…so I would be lying if I said I never wanted to be a princess as a little girl. Even though the odds of someone actually becoming one are about a gazillion to one…this was a case where it happened and the allure of that drew me in. I became one of the zombies drawn in by the wedding.

BUT I lasted until a couple days before the wedding BEFORE I got drawn in. Does that count for something?

Now that’s it’s all over, I am off to my very UN-royal and boring life but it was fun getting to float away to make believe land for a little while. So don’t hate on me too much, all you wedding bashers….Sometimes you just surprise even yourself……

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