Yep, you read that right! I am PROUD to be PALE!

It always shocks me how people that are darker than me are always obsessing about tanning. I am WHITE, like really white and you know what? I don’t care! I come from a long European line which includes English, Welsh, Irish, Dutch and Italian. By the looks of my skin and the color of my eyes, I think THAT part of me must come from the Irish side.

Thanks to shows like Jersey Shore (which I do NOT watch and so doesn’t interest me!), tanning has become glorified way more than it should. Even IF I had the god given ability to tan, I would not want to. When I was younger, I would sunburn if I wasn’t careful and I only ended up with a tan once. A tan I didn’t want and didn’t ask for and it was totally accidental. It came from a sunburn that changed to a tan. Of course, it lightened back up over time and I was OK with that. Nowadays, so many people want to be tan that I feel like being ANTI-tanning makes me stand out more because I don’t. And so what if I may have blended in with my white wedding dress which is something girls seem to dread. I don’t care! I guess I could have used those fake sprays from the store that some people use. Some of those end up making you look kind of Oompa-Loompa-ish though and somehow I prefer being white over orange. Not to mention, weddings are expensive enough without adding paying for even a fake tan.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to do a post and bash everyone that chooses to not take my 100% stance against tans. If you want to get a fake tan from bottles or a spray tan, then by all means, do so. As far as I know, those are safe alternatives to tanning and I see nothing wrong with them. While I would love ALL women to just embrace whatever color they are naturally given and not try to be lighter OR darker, I realize some people really WANT that and if you do, just be safe.

If you tan on the beach, which is STILL bad for you, at least use sunscreen. Use it correctly and use the right amount!

I have so many friends who go tanning on the beach or in tanning beds and although I try to warn them and tell them it’s bad for them, they don’t seem to care. This bothers me quite a lot. I’m not telling people that it’s bad because I want them to be pale and unhappy…I’m not telling them that to piss anyone off. I’m telling them because I genuinely care about them and don’t want to see them end up with skin cancer or something.

As an active Cosmo reader, ONE of the things I LOVE most about their magazine is their anti-tanning stance. They do articles ALL the time warning women about the dangers and even show celebrities that are against it. Nowadays with the media having such a huge effect on women of all ages, but especially younger ones, it’s so great to see celebrities stand up for positive things. I feel like a lot of young girls will see a favorite celebrity who is speaking out against tanning and be more apt to listen and take the advice then if they had just heard about it from a friend or family member. Young girls want to do what is cool…so when tanning becomes NOT cool, if ever, then girls will cease to do it as much.

I found some copies of articles that I had read in print before from Cosmo that I am passing on to whoever is interested. I think everyone could benefit from reading.

This first article is about a girl who died at 26 due to tanning. When I first read it in the magazine, it had a huge impact on me. I knew tanning was bad but this was what really started making me see just HOW bad it really is.

Glenna Kohl – Skin Cancer Death – Cosmopolitan.

This next article exposes scary truths that tanning salons deny. Here is a particular excerpt from this story:An August 2009 report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer reclassified tanning devices as a definite carcinogen. And, the report said, if you tan indoors before age 30, your skin-cancer risk rises by 75 percent.

Read more: Indoor Tanning Danger – 20/20 Tanning Investigation – Cosmopolitan

If you absolutely despise being pale and just have to be darker then there are safe ways to do so. Here is an article showing you how to fake a great tan!

Sunless Tan – How to Apply Sunless Tanner Lotion – Cosmopolitan.

Here’s another article from that shows some celebrities who are anti-tanning.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart ’save lives’ by not tanning – National Celebrity Fitness and Health |

IF the chances of skin cancer don’t scare you enough, MAYBE the fact that tanning causes premature wrinkles will. Is temporary beauty in the form of darker skin for NOW worth all the wrinkles later? Here’s a recent blog article I found that was interesting.

Tanning: Golden Bod vs. Wrinkles and Death :Commentarista.

Hopefully, reading these articles may have helped one person to change their mind about tanning. I sure hope so. And men that tan, you should look at them too! You are not excluded just because of your sex, the dangers are for you as well!

Don’t let what people think bother you so much that you put yourself at risk for skin cancer. There’s enough other stuff in this world to worry about! While others may call me “Snow White”, that’s fine by me, because I know at the end of the day, I’ll have less wrinkles than the tanners one day AND I don’t have to worry about skin cancer from tanning anyways! And IF you really just don’t care about yourself, think about your friends and family who don’t want to see you get skin cancer! Stay safe for them!


  1. Hi Sharon. I too come from a long line of pale skins. But I used to love the sun and would lie in the sun for ages. When we first came to New Zealand, where the sun is so much stronger than in the northern hemisphere, I got badly burned and ended in bed for two days. But that didn’t deter me and about 15 years later got melanoma. That stopped me in my tracks, I no longer try to get a tan. Judith


    1. I’m sorry to hear that you got melanoma. I would love to be able to keep my friends and family from suffering that same fate or worse and I hope it doesn’t take something happening for them to finally understand. Everyone seems to think it can’t happen to them but you’re living proof it can! I hope they read my post and see your comment as well and it makes them want to be safer!


  2. I’m very white too and my kids are too. We all slather our skins with sunscreen, especially since we live in Southern California. Keep using sunscreen, it can literally save your life! Oh, and use sunglasses too, to protect your eyes, and your eyelids from skin cancer.


    1. I wear sunglasses constantly….I like to use them as a make shift headband when I’m indoors! Because of my contacts, the sun seems to bother my eyes more so I can’t stand going out in the sun without grabbing them. I keep them right beside my bed so I won’t forget!


  3. Unfortunately, people will continue to tan NO MATTER WHAT. The reports are there and, like smoking, the addicted can’t let it go. 🙂
    Hope mom is recovering nicely.


  4. The history of tanning in fashion is quite interesting. In much of the past, right from ancient times up to probably around the 19th century, it was fashionable to be pale. This was because poor peasants had to work outside in the fields and got tanned, while rich people could lounge around indoors and be pale. They would protect their skin when they went outside and even wear makeup made from white lead (Queen Elizabeth I especially) which was extremely toxic!

    The change came about because of factories. Then the poor working folk spent all day inside and couldn’t get a tan, while at the same time developments were being made in ideas of healthy exercise, so tanning started to be associated with health and leisure rather than poverty. So it’s been going on much longer than we might realise!

    I don’t know how long it took for the shift from pale to tanned being fashionable. It could have taken a generation or two, you know how stubborn older folks can be about sticking to the fashions of their youth 🙂 So I reckon that we will eventually see a shift in the fashionableness of tanning, which we are seeing the beginnings of now.

    Personally I never saw the attraction even before skin cancer was so known about, like with smoking. I prefer to sit in the shade and breathe fresh air! I’m lucky that my preferences happen to be in line with good health. Shame I prefer chocolate to salad… 😉


    1. LOL….I’m not a huge chocolate fan…..only like at a certain time..
      As for salad, I’m not much of a fan of it, probably cause I hate lettuce…but I LOVE spinach so maybe I should make spinach salads more….


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