When I think of ONE, I think of how there’s no other word I can think of to describe being solo or alONE and yet at the same time also describe being united or including everyONE. The word “One” can be described as the loneliest number when you are speaking of just ONE person or an individual but when you are speaking in terms of us all being “Unified as ONE”, it suddenly becomes not so lonely anymore….

I also think of marriage because what better example of unity? Marriage involves 2 people coming together as one. The two are still separate beings with their own personalities but they are agreeing to become one couple, united in love and trust. I didn’t take this picture obviously but it was the first picture I thought of for this challenge.

Our first kiss as husband and wife-2 become ONE

This wonderful picture was taken by my husband’s step mom who is an awesome photographer, brilliant writer and sweet woman all around. 🙂

When I think of ONE, I also think of how just ONE person can make a difference. I think that is so true, just look around you and see the wonders around you that were created by ONE person. All our inventions and cures for illnesses….Of course, this world we live in was created by ONE person. God.

When you think of ONE in that way,  I could pick almost any picture and attribute it as fitting to this challenge. But here are some other pictures I have taken that I found fitting.

One solitary moth
One kitty free with your purchase of kitty litter?
One stop sign that failed to stop a hurricane 😦
One optical illusion
One curled up puppy named Angel


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